Thursday, May 20, 2010

Amah, There's Your Mistake.

This piece from FMT is a perfect continuation from where we left off about the Indian community about the RM 33 salary per month for rubber tapping.

According to the story, Vasugi Singaram has raised her problems to the government to close to 30 years on lack of basic amenities in her village. Until today, her problems were not solved.

"I have raised the matter [to the government] since 1982, but to this day I have never been given any electricity," said Vasugi, who has been forced to rely on coconut oil and candles for her lighting.
BN candidate Kamalanathan visited the area with a promise of 'taking care of everything' but as of today, there has been no response or comment in reply by the supposedly MP:

"During the [Hulu Selangor] by-election, we received a visit from [MP] P Kamalanathan, who told us that our needs would be met, and that everything would be taken care of," said Vasugi. Since then, there has been no word from the MP. "I used to have water, but now I don't."

And it ends with this:

"We love the BN government, but how can we keep on loving it when they treat us like this?"

Amah, there's your mistake. You have picked the wrong person. You can make a choice to break out of the conventions if you know that you are not getting what you want despite repeated calls many times. Vasugi has the chance of ending 30 years of wait by making the other choice, but in the end decided against it. Now, it is a little late to voice frustrations.

She could have done that right choice and thing on 25 April 2010 but took the wrong one.

And there's the consequence. One of them.

Amah, there's your mistake.

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  1. so,Do you feel high and proud of yourself for stating that?


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