Friday, May 28, 2010

Footing The Bill For Debt and By-Elections Via Football Betting

Now this is interesting. Previously I mentioned that the bill for Barisan Nasional in the Hulu-Selangor election was astronomical, close to $100 million, in which obviously has clearly falls under the various things in the Election Offenses Act that so much that Kamalanathan can be disqualified and result can be declared null. With so many promises that people, Malay voters in particular bought it, now where is BN going live up to their promises of various projects and so forth?

The answer is Vincent Tan's football betting license. You don't need to go deep, but think of many reasons as possible.

The portion of money - millions out of betting will be paid to finance the projects and so portion to clear the debts of $360++ billion. If they cannot have enough money to finance their promises, the voters in both places will felt cheated. And like I said, there's the mistake of voting the wrong party. 

Penang and Selangor are the states that immediately said no to betting. This will have problem for BN.

That's the answer. Speaking of which, you might want to read this book 'FAILED STATES' by Chomsky, as Malaysia has the makings and directions towards it.

How I wish if I become an interim PM and whack those assholes out.

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