Sunday, May 30, 2010

Is NEM Hitting The Wall Again?

Mainstream media portrays Barisan Nasional as omnipotent while portraying the opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat as feeble and easy to break up, with loose cannons inside. But nothing in the world is omnipotent and we have seen problems within the main coalition, particularly on a splinter cell GAS organizing a rally to hit and whack Samy Vellu to kingdom come. I just want to wait on how the outcome would be tomorrow.

1Malaysia is also facing resistance from Najib's own party that goes for the Malay Supremacy slogan. Obviously Najib would rather have the best of both worlds, but in this situation, Najib is squeezed into choosing one side - either the common platform of all races or the Ketuanan side. It is actually a lose-lose situation / catch 22 situation for him, similar to how people say he's stuck between sticking to Mahathir or Bik Mama. 

Perkasa and the other Malay-based NGOs have made the statement that they are not agreeable to Najib's NEM - new economic model - considered it a threat, so I believe that there's the political block in this thing. NEM is hitting the block since, it is meant for everyone, fair share of the pie, with no preferential treatement, while Malay NGOs view that as something that will strip their Malay rights as they called it to be. I just only need to recall Ibrahim Katak screaming as something to say that Malay rights have eroded or something. 

If these Malay NGOs cranked up the pressure on Najib, chances are NEM will never get off from square one. And just like MIC's current internal squabbling, United Malays National Organisation could have problems brewing with dilemma in handling Perkasa's demands and so forth. New Economic Policy has gone beyond the 20-year target span and instead, it has extended to its 40-year span, which at this time, world economy knows nothing about this NEP thing that these beggars are so fondly calling upon. 

It will be likely to be another whammy for Najib -squeezed in both fronts.

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