Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paying The Penalty For The Wrong Choice

There was an interesting article on Free Malaysia Today where it focuses on an Indian settlement located within the parliamentary location of Hulu Selangor. Even if it's after the election, and this is the first situation that they are facing.

I'll let you people be the judge by reading this.

I also have my two cents on this. It seems that the people are not taking the lesson from Silau estate where in the similar circumstance, they were treated to fanfare, promises and so on during the one week campaign period in exchange for their vote. In the end, even if they give their vote, they still are back in square one. They didn't get any change. So much for promises that never walk the talk.

Would it be any change if they had pick the other person to do the job as MP? From info I gather from a friend who's an associate of him, he would do it. And that article might never have been written at all. Again, I did a trip to Kerling estate one day before polling and I can get the same feeling as what happened in Silau.

Who is actually to be blamed for the woes there?

It's the side effects of temptation and enticement of a lot of money.
I believe this is definitely the penalty paid for making the wrong choice, living to regret it so. Somehow, there would be people out there watching how Kamalanathan is doing after 25 April 2010......let's just watch.

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