Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Just Like The Indian Movies!

Word is Samy Vellu is not very happy with Palanviel being appointed senator. I see it as a deal for compromising over the by-election, but Samy sees it as a threat to his legacy that is the MIC.

Of course, much has been elaborated in this FMT article but in this case, it's nice to see Palanviel and Samy slugging and fighting again. And this really reminds me of those Tamil movies. You can name a few, like Mudhalvan, and Sivaji The Boss with both men fighting to the death, except that this death that we're talking about is political death, political assassination.

I say that it's more than 30 years in helm and Samy remains the only man in the Mahathir years to remain. All the others like Ling, Lim and others have made way for young blood but not him. But I could see the fighting that is coming is going to make MIC going from bad to worse and it could make the win of Hulu Selangor useless.

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