Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh What An Infighting!

It's just like pirates squabbling over one another for one booty and MIC present infighting - the GAS (Gerakan Anti-Samy Vellu) as a climax of an story act. As the saying goes, you cut one man, and another will come out in its place. For instance, if there are a few CWC members that do not agree with the direction of the party, Samy will sack them off, more or less it's like thinking that a person goes against the leadership, while many know that the leadership is flawed.

Obviously, even the secretary-general is not spared from Samy. Samy would throw them off. He wanted to try being like Mahathir, whoever takes over, e.g Palanviel to carry over his legacy and plans that have been laid out. MIC in the shape of Samy's image, I suppose?

There's the timeline of today's GAS gathering that was kind of washout. Not many people were there, but those who were there were whacking and bashing Samy Vellu in and out. Just like what I use to recall during my childhood days in Ipoh - the newspaper man, Mr. Maniam called him like my late grandfather do "a bloody bastard"

Yes, Mugilan should not stop there. He wants to go around and get 500 thousand signatures to say Samy Vellu is irrelevant, enough and should be out. So be it. Please go ahead at all means. But from the bird's eye view, I can see infighting in the Barisan Nasional coalition. Who says that BN is omnipotent? Dulu dan selamanya? I think the mantra doesn't fit the situation right now, ain't it? 

If the drama drags on, it's fighting ala pirate style - fighting over a booty.!

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