Saturday, May 1, 2010

Not A Feat But A Joting

I mentioned that I had to abort a day field trip to Kuala Kubu last week. I only went through Kerling Estate and I can say "Abandon All Ye Hope" for PR in winning there. But then, I got call back to work because of having to prepare a two-day presentation by a prominent local client.

I didn't really have a choice but to come and work. I was insisting of leaving that night at around 7.30 to attend my cousin's engagement and the next day coming facing the problem of foregoing weekend enjoyment and work until 11 p.m. At times I was wondering how lucky others are when they get to enjoy good time off. I was also in mind wondering whether this violates the 10 commandments of violating Sundays.

The real not so feat was breaking my own record of staying that long. In fact, I didn't go back home on Monday night. I ended up finishing work until 4.30 a.m and had a nap in the conference room until 7.30 a.m...Previously, my record was until 1.30 a.m in which I managed to go home for some sleep.

When I recall that, I thought of Markus - a kid around my age, active in UNICEF but tragically found dead days after. The one thing I knew was that he had been working under the same condition like this over the last few days with lack of sleep and rest. That's in fact very bad for health and I wonder there should be control for each person as not to go beyond the maximum permissive.

I was thinking, well, whoever asks this is a little loon and crazy of doing that, but in the daily meetings after that, there has been some criticism of having things cropped up in last minute that needs to be done, something that was never anticipated earlier in planning. Maybe there the problem of deadlines set that went awry. But somehow, whatever we did ended up with an advance follow-up of interest on what we did...pretty satisfying by the end of Tuesday.

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