Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So Who's Getting Ridiculed?

Having revealed all the videos from Pete's London talk, one of the things that I summarized from that talk is that there are couple of characters in Malaysia that talked big but got ridiculed in end. The one prime example that fits the bill is obviously Musa Hassan himself. He thinks it is a tag and bag job of going into London and take Pete back to Malaysia to be tried. But extradition in UK is near impossible unless there's a solid reason or proof to say he's a terrorist. To say that the wanted person is in politically crimes is something that they will laugh upon.

I was wondering earlier on where the cops say he was in Melbourne, then in London, but then, they didn't look thoroughly there throughout the streets there. Could it be that Scotland Yard might be suspicious why some men from other countries wandering around like a vagrant as to lie low?

Hahaha...it's just things spinning in my head that's all.

I was thinking, when Pete showed himself up for the talk, there was one thing I can seem to think about. Which is that the police didn't really get a confirmation of his location at the first skim. And when this happened, in the end, it's Musa Hassan that gets ridiculed. Well, sort of...and in the talk, there's more ridicule of Najib and Bik Mama with one of the line: "There need not be phone call or phone call from someone’s wife"

Obviously, deep witin the territory of the corridors of power, people are in panic for there is something loose out there that threatens to bring the tower called BN down.

Ah...I just love the ridiculement and the chastisement. It's pretty fun at times, if at the right time.

Pic above by Danny Lim from London (with credit)

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