Saturday, May 15, 2010

How Long Are We Going To Be Cheated Again? Another 50 years?

If there's one lesson that I learned from the May 13 incident is that every citizen in Malaysia got cheated and lied by politicians of Parti Perikatan who claims the loss of power from the 1969 election results which swings to the Opposition way. Tunku would have been angry for actions by certain people, mostly from United Malays National Organisation have been responsible for instigating the riots.

My late grandfather was obviously disappointed and angry that his ex-colleague and friend, the late Datuk Harun Idris was primarily responsible (on the ground) for inciting that in Kampung Baru. In that period, politicians fed people, particularly their own kind with bullshit - things that seem nonsense. Everyone was told the perfect lie. Rich chinese whack them...powerful Malay politicians giving the poor chinese hardship etc..

That was pure bullshit. Kita telah dibohong pada masa itu. Now, not anymore.

The common myth that is spoken is often said as "Kalau kita tidak bersatu, orang Cina akan membunuh kita." The obvious argument is seen as the number of people winning are more non-Malays vs Malays, more opposition vs Parti Perikatan

The riot was not racial per se. It was sparked off by the poor Malays being told by Malay politicians that the rich Chinese caused them the economic suffering, and the poor Chinese being told by Chinese politicians that the powerful Malays in the government caused them their hardship.

The riot was triggered off by the then massive suffering of many poor Malays and poor Chinese, both having reached the extreme intolerable level of economic and financial hardship. The intense manipulative racial stroking by irresponsible politicians of the already tense environment during the campaign for the May 10 general election detonated the already ticking racial timebomb.

The other day, Zaid Ibrahim, while campaigning in Sibu said that United Malays National Organisation in particular (out of Barisan Nasional) perceived opposition lawmakers as enemies, not as colleagues whoare supposed to help people in fulfilling their promises. This is the siege mentality that has never seen in other more mature countries practicing democracy, e.g Britain. If they see a rival politician, they would use whatever tools and things to put him out. For example, having the court to get a conviction of a PR MP over past crimes with penalties enough to have him / her lose the present parliamentary seat.

Britain's election results have definitely shown how important is to treat your opponents with respect. The Liberals have become a perfect example of having the third force crucial in forming a government.

Whatever news that the TV and the newspapers give is not entirely accurate. It is partially a lie meant to get people believe that opposition are enemies, what they do are right and etc. Look at how silent Robert Jr has been recently in Sibu campaign, hoping that the big machinery from the peninsular would come there just to help out. Can that tell you of a potential Longkang MP?

IMO, if you keep voting for BN, it shows that you are still willing to be cheated by them. No basic needs in villages in Sibu, no basic amenities etc..they were not addressed or they were ignored. I thought Sarawak is the richest country in Malaysia given of its natural resources?

If Sarawak is poor now, who's to blame really?

Coming back to May 13 rememberance, I just thought that if people are smart enough, they could have seen the ploy that BN politicians do keep in power. A lot of money, people's money approximately $200 million were poured into both by-elections. The thing is, I didn't give you permission of you to use my money. I want my money back!

Grow up, smart up, wise up to the bullshit. I am sad that there are youths today that are kaki bodeks who don't even know the thing.

As Hisham Rais said, "Selamatkan Sarawak Dari Keluarga Taib Mahmud"

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