Tuesday, May 25, 2010

At BUM 2010

Desi came to me and said me and Benny are the only two persons that showed up for the fourth time in the row. And there was an extra t-shirt tucked into the pack that I took away. I was so excited that I felt that coming here and paying sixty bucks was a way to get out from the work stress there. 

There was a group called EPIC (core members from 18-25) that showed up there as to tell the people here what they do and what they are planning to do..getting a regisration of 2 million young voters out there. If I am not mistaken, I recalled one or two names from somewhere else out there. 

Going for a quick run through for that day, the first guest, Selangor's MB Khalid Ibrahim gave memories of his Ijok by-election and whatever government policies that Selangor was running about. It was at this time that I got a statistic booklet of Selangor featuring statistics of 2008 and 2009.

The Allah issue was a heated discussion on the floor featuring speakers like Khalid Samad, Haris, Zaid and Akram Shah and of course most of them agreed that the issue has been exaggerated and blown out of proportion by political parties. And obviously there is the chastisement of people who don't really understand from reading the Quran bible and blabbering about the Allah thing - I guess three of four speakers would say that.

But the third session lacked the crowd puller. Nades or Zaini Hassan. If either one of the men showed up, then there would be barrage of questions coming in from every quarter there. 

As for Raja Nong Chik, the guy is one of those ministers that seems to pull of something impressive of having Facebook and twitter for people feedback as suggestions / check and balance. This is one of those ministers that has a civil servant background that keeps on the job - no slack style. Maybe I'd check out his FB to see how the guy handles things later...
I let the pics (with thanks ) speak for the rest of the event. But this year, I didn't get the lamb. Had to give a miss really for Benjamin.

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