Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coolies, Machais

Pic by Mob1900

1. Do as what Big Brother says (even if that is morally wrong)
2. Shut your mouth and say nothing against the stance.
3. Whack the opposition and Anwar till they drop.
4. You are not out until you are politically killed and stripped.

I suppose this is the perception of those who know very well people who view at politicians particularly those who don't really like BN as they are now. Well, this comes in light of how Ezam Noor and Palanviel were given senatorships. The timing alone can't fool people, unless you choose to be stupid.

Consider the timing in Hulu Selangor - Ezam comes in and whacks Anwar with boxes in ceramahs, Palanviel is moved aside and given position as compensation for being dropped. BN wins in Hulu Selangor. Both are involved. Ezam in middle, and Palanviel at start. Any idiot can really figure it out.

Do you see these are the machais we once talk about? The classic case of machai / coolies?

There you have it. You can talk about all these things, but the timing is enough to tell the story. Period.

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