Wednesday, April 16, 2008

$1.4 Million? Get Lost, Bitch!

Ah, the big scoop by Nades in today's edition of the Sun:

Azalina Lesbian spent an amazing $1.4 million on entertainment during her tenure as Sports Minister. $1.4 million is kind of money that a poor community would crave on to help their own rice bowl.

But then this is not just the only thing. Remember the Auditor's General report that Sports Ministry paid $32 for a toolbox!? Pay $32 for one? You can just go and buy a similar one for the half price at a hardware shop.

Frankly, Azalina 'Lesbian' should not be a minister:

1. Many think that terminating MoUs on tourism at 5 opposition-ruled states is somewhat a childish act by UMNO-BN as punishment to the people choosing against them.
2. Azalina talks about bloggers again and again.
3. Do you remember her 'dirty tactic' to bribe the PKR candidate of $1 million to win unopposed?
That's the quick way of jumping back into the ministry without a sweat!
4. Given her kind of behavior, it implies of the pirate behavior. Coincidentally, most ministers in the current cabinet are from Johor. My friend used to say, most extremists are from Johor and behaves like an arrogant pirate. That's no joke, palsie.!

But then, savor it for a little while longer. After that, if the Pakatan government takes over, then her Ministrial career is over..."why so serious?"

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