Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another UMNO Personality In The Making

For goodness sake, you are a royalty and you should not say such things. Saying that means that you are just no other than a radical UMNO man.

Only UMNO and their honchos, underlings would say that. When I read about race politics, my mind would race back on the need to have religion, race and sex fields in any application forms.

Enough already! I am fed up of this.

'Don't question Malay rights' is one of the top quotes often reiterated by UMNO Youth Wing.

Those things are already in the past. No one wants to live by the race. It is because of this that people here are behaving like taking care of their own selves, not helping others. Isn't that what Malays used to do, helping others?

Days of BN living on that are dwindling already.

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