Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Malay Extremists and UMNO Youth Radicals Started The Mess. Fight Them!

In a speech by YM Raja Petra in Klang last Wednesday, the radicals of the UMNO Youth are responsible of starting the ruckus in the nation with their ultra-nationalist attitude as well as threatening a variety of things including attempts to rig the election campaign of opposition parties. A well known antic of UMNO Youth is threatening to bath in non-Malay blood with their Malay dagger, (supposed to be used by royals) if anybody attempts to question them even though the facts are there and proven that they are in the wrong. He had called upon the MCA and MIC not to become stupid and fight UMNO if there is something that is threatening the credibility of other races by UMNO - not kotow!

Recently, there is news of replacing secular laws with Islamic laws as what disgraced ex-CJ Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Halim suggested. The suggestion was affirmed by Abdullah Badawi and Najib. The MCA and MIC under OKT and Samy Vellu had attempted to argue against the radical idea but was told by UMNO especially by the youth division to SHUT UP.

By this suggestion of implementing such laws against what was agreed upon prior to the independence in 1957, this shows that through their 'Malay Supremacy' Agenda, they are attempting create a subversion where citizens especially non-Malays are subverted into accepting Islamic laws against their will and the freedom of religion as guaranteed by the Constitution. It also suggest the possibility that pork meat, eaten by non-Muslims will be outlawed as well, judging from early attempts by Ali Rustam and Khir Toyo in their religious clean-up in Melaka and Selangor respectively. Recently, the federal religious department has gone into collision with the Christian Federation over the apparent banning of the word 'Allah' - equivalent to God despite the fact is that both are the same.

In addition, there are some extremists out of UMNO that have been known to those who know the events beyond the official media channels and these are the ones will pose dangers to Malaysia with their radical, fanatical and ultra-nationalist behavior. If there is no control over these fanatics, Malaysia will be turned into a nation where gone where the glorious days and instead a bleak period where religion and racial-politics is foremost over constitution.

In addition to K.J and Kerishamuddin, the notable ones are:

1. Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir - The younger brother of Abdul Kadir, he was known to have make some anti-Chinese slogans in 2000 and threatened to burn down a Chinese Hall in Kulim. The KL and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall has issued a statement to tell voters there not to vote for him in the coming elections.

2. Mohd Anis Hisham - The so called Head of the Scorpion Gangster of UMNO. He was noted for involved in a fracas during the Ijok by-election in April 2007 in which Jeff Ooi was caught in. This happened during lunch time where a group of photographers met with Keadilan secretary-general Khalid Ibrahim for lunch where he and a group of 20 Scorpion members surrounded them.

3. Senator Puad Zakarshi - UMNO head of Batu Pahat, Johor. He was noted during last year in which he wrote a letter to Chief Minister Abdul Ghani Othman demanding him to expel and blacklist contractors suspected of non-allegiance to UMNO. This was in contrast and a lie from a statement which he made back in December 2006.

4. Suhaimi Ibrahim - The head of the Peninsular Malay Students coalition - he had repeated calls to not allow non-Muslims to enter the MARA Junior College and the termination of government funding to Chinese schools if they are found not to use English for Maths and Science.

If you have more and you know one, you can add more and compile a list of real menaces of Malaysia.

Now, back to the early point. There are numerous quotes mentioned by UMNO Youth, especially by Kerishamuddin that spells 'discrimination against non-Malays'. If the quotes don't say directly about that, then most it says indirectly. Quotes by UMNO Youth include:
  1. Do not provoke us! The Malays know how to amok!
  2. Don't mess with our rights! Time has come for us to act against those who question Malay special privileges!
  3. There is no religion above Islam, don't challenge us! Whatever is required for Malay development, we will push for it!
  4. Bangsa Malaysia is the Malaysians with Malay as the pivotal race!
  5. Malays are marginalised in Penang and they have the right to express their feelings!
  6. New Economy Policy (NEP) is the social contract, it will never end!
  7. Do not question and challenge the position of the Malays and Islam in this country!
  8. Use the Internal Security Act (ISA) to jail those who question our rights!
  9. Raise the bumiputera equity target to 70% to reflect the actual population ratio!
  10. They (the non-Malays) are manipulating the bumiputera equity figures. If we want to use the ASLI figures, let’s set a new target.
  11. Let’s make it 70% for the Malay equity!
  12. We want to rotate the post of the Penang Chief Minister! We know who they are. We know where they are and what they say!
  13. Force the government-linked companies (GLCs) to set-up Malay special-purpose-vehicles (SPVs) to break the monopoly chain of
  14. the Chinese companies!
  15. Since the racial riots in 13th May 1969, UMNO and the Malays have been too patient and tolerant!
  16. We should defend Malay rights to the last drop of our blood!
  17. We warn against anyone who attempted to incite religious and racial sentiments!
  18. When tension rises, the blood of Malay warriors will run in our veins! UMNO willing to bathe in blood!
If you are one of those who feel that People's Declaration is what you need, BN's answer is definitely no to Bangsa Malaysia. The late Tunku Abdul Rahman mooted the idea of Bangsa Malaysia but was objected by the late MCA president Tan Siew Sin. This was shown in the list of quotes mentioned by BN:
  1. - BN can easily solve the people’s problems
  2. - BN will protect the rights of everyone
  3. - BN needs more time to develop the country
  4. - BN is very fair to everyone, is the best choice
  5. - The Chinese should be grateful
  6. - Vote for BN for your own future
  7. - The bloggers are liars, opposition are liars
  8. - If you don’t like Islam Hadhari, get out!
  9. - We are Islamic state, never been a secular state
  10. - BN cares for the people
  11. - We can never accept Bangsa Malaysia
  12. - PM is the saviour of Chinese schools
So far those things are what they are threatening against citizens. The fate of Malaysia is at the hands of everyone especially on those urban and rural Malays. The reasoning is simple because 6 million plus out of possible 11 million votes in the election are from them.

Save Malaysia from disaster....! Please spread the word if you can.

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