Monday, March 24, 2008

In Malaysia, Hail To The King is 'Non-Binding' - AAB

The royalty in Terengganu has decided that Ahmad Said is the best person to run the state. But somehow, Said's members of UMNO stripped him of his membership simply because he refuses to budge aside to let Idris Jusoh return to power.

If K.J calls bloggers as monkeys sometime ago, perhaps how the 22 assemblymen, now 9 behind Idris were behaving can be equated as behaving like monkeys. But they are one step short of behaving like the PEKIDA gangsters.

Yes, the facts are K.J instigated this matter here simply because of one reason: Idris Jusoh was the one that allowed the family partner, Patrick Lim to sponsor and bankroll the Monsoon Cup. Lim was the biggest benefactor to Terengganu, saving them from further debts. If this is the connection, this means that Idris is the yes man of Abdullah Badawi and seeing the appointment of Ahmad Said over Idris is somewhat ruining the plan of the future for Terengganu. In addition, with the ECER, primarily in Terengganu, it could be in jeopardy for Ahmad Said's method of running the country is far in contrast to the preferred Idris.

However, those monkeys assume that the people are behind him, but the people DID not explicitly say that they want Idris to run the state. I don't hear anyone saying that! It's the assumption that the people says yes. Not the facts.

In previous times, the phrase hail to the king is used everywhere, even here, the principle of 'Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara' is there. But apparently, with the actions over this, this shows the double-side of Abdullah Badawi. When he said that the appointment is non-constitutional, this sets up a showdown between the King and the PM. Never in my life have I heard of this until today. Bedol thinks he is king, or as Emperor Napoleon, with threatening to use National Operations Council as his trump card against the Agong. In citizens thinking, going against the king is punishable with banishment or death in feudal times, but this is somewhat odd.

In Malaysiakini, Ku Li revealed of the government going from bad to worst with such intervention.

Ahmad Said is just showing his willingness to perform the duties entrusted by the regent council of the state. Why make the noise out of it? Malaysian leaders are supposed to illuminate the way to greatness and should be models to be emulated by youngsters. But given how they behave, it's like making youngsters behaving like gangsters in future. What's more, are they trying to say that going against king is Halal and valid in Islam Hadhari? This not the first time that Abdullah Badawi has violated his own tenets. He has done it many times, and he's actually not interested in running the country, just the PM in name and let KJ do the show.

'Go and fight with UMNO!' - RPK, Port Klang, March 1 2008.

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