Monday, March 10, 2008

Post Election: BN Plays Dirty

No less than three days after election is over, Barisan Nasional is sulking over their biggest defeat: losing 5 states to the opposition. Two moments of that would include Mamak Maidin lamenting his loss and said, "Non-Malays would pay the price for their decision." The other one was quite a sniffer: Tajol Rosli locked himself up and was crying whole night as BN Perak lost to Opposition.

Now, when it was mentioned that the plans of the opposition government naming their choices for the exco seats in the three states of Selangor, Perak and Kedah, the BN was planning a dirty method in an attempt to make the opposition start off to a bad start and perhaps to sabotage things or change back things into their favor.

Buying Up PKR States Assemblymen

BN-UMNO is attempting to buy the hands of PKR statesmen who won the state seats in Perak. They are attempting to repeat the success in Kelantan, where they successfully used money to buy 150 PKR men to join UMNO. However, the PKR top brass were aware of this and Anwar Ibrahim had summoned PKR reps from the three states for an emergency meeting to face this potential problem.

4th Floor Boys Spinning A News

The 4th Floor boys with the help of their BN lapdog, Bernama's Annuar Zaini has reported of a news intending to mislead the people with called Kedah state government introducing Islamic hudud laws as baseline for the state. However, the Harakah portal denies of Tuan Hadi saying that, as he did not specify it directly from his mouth. In Kedah, there is one DAP state seat there and common sense does say that you cannot subject everything to Islamic laws even if you have a DAP DUN guy there. This excerpt from Malaysiakini says this:

"The menteri besar doesn't represent the party. He is a menteri besar of the coalition government," said Ahmad, who is also one of the four PAS vice-presidents.

Asked if the large non-Muslim population in Perak would react negatively should a PAS member be made menteri besar, Ahmad said that the public should not worry unnecessarily.

"Don't worry. All decisions would be made collectively. We cannot make decisions unilaterally," he said.

It is said that KJ hatched this smear image plan...

Fighting to Save Rep

After the Opposition won Selangor, numerous cases of corruption in Selangor resurfaced in what is called a call to new MB Khalid Ibrahim to do cleanup of the possible corruption practices committed by the past MBs including Khir Toyo, 20 counts and Mat Tyson. Apparently, BN is in panic mode over this and are playing dirty to go scott free.

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