Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Change Will Do You Good

In the last few days, the BN has been attempting to rig the election game to their favor.

It has become clear conscious that it is now time to make change as this will determine the fate of Malaysia in the next 50 years. The opposition came close of ruling the nation in 1969 only the acts of Ultra-Nationalists sparked the May 13 1969 incident. Had this incident not happened, we could see a different view of Malaysia perhaps it could happen again if they win in 2008.

The problem is of convincing the rural folk of the errors that Barisan made and not to believe every cock and bull that Barisan is spinning out of their owned-media as well as their money for ads.

A change will do you good this time.

At YouTube, I happened to saw a black and white video of Sheryl Crow performing that track in 1996. Her debut album was the best of the lot with a few good hits there, this being one of them.

Unfortunately, embedding has been disabled so see the video at this link.

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