Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Barisan Nasional is Out Of Ideas. They Are Rigging The Game.


In order to maintain the 2/3 domination in the Parliament, Barisan Nasional will do all it takes to ensure the winning of the necessary 149 parliamentary seats. They had a head start of 10 parliamentary seats in their belt following withdrawals by their opponents particularly in Sarawak. Some of the measures undertaken are considered very dirty and it is a clear attempt to rig the game to their favor.

According to Transparency International, in the first three days after nomination day on February 24, the National Front, with so called infinite financial resources at their disposal, spent $1 million in banners, ads and etc.., including hiring people to place those banners at every part of Malaysia. The printing company, in one of the street banners was traced to a printing firm in Cheras.

The flaw with Barisan Nasional right now is that they do not have new ideas to improve on besides on referring on the past record from 2004 to now as something to jump start / getting voters to vote on record. The ideas presented in the Manifesto are just longkang ideas, just within inside, but it does not deal with ideas in relation to the context of the world. In other words, their ideas just went blank.

With almost infinite resources at their disposal, as of Skynet, what they did were:

1. Hogging almost every advertisement space in the newspaper with their propaganda.
2. By owning their newspapers, they paid more and get the writers to write a one-sided story of how great and mighty Barisan Nasional is. The opposition were bashed and hardly allowed space to tell the story in the papers.
3. Hiring motor riders as part timers to spread their propaganda.
4. Reading NST or Bernama gives you a picture of how bias it is.

But the worst part of rigging the game is via dirty tactics:

1. Some part-timers hired tore down opposition posters.
2. Some powerful people attempt to buy the opposition in order for the BN to win a seat.
3. The MIC had threatened with an offensive phrase: "Vote MIC or pay the price."
4. For every Barisan MP elected, they will be paid $2 million for area development. None for the opposition.
5. The BN attempts to lie everyone with excuses.
6. Phantom, postal voters, and dead, including those under 21 names that cropped up in the voters roll.
7. Latest as by Malaysiakini: EC announces withdrawal of indelible ink due to security reasons.
8. MIC stopped workers in putting up PSM posters in Sungai Siput. In Rembau, UMNO used hooligan tactics in stopping Keadilan in putting up posters.

If you have heard the news of BN changing secular laws with Islamic laws, then the position of the non-Malays is threatened because of the radical ideas by some extremists. When I met my friend Edmund yesterday, I was reminded of that and told him, because he did not read any newspapers at all. I was pretty concerned of him being a devoted Christian and the fear of everyone forced and subverted to the laws of Islam against a person's will. So that's why the opposition should at least win 75 seats or better, win 150 seats.

Go with the opposition if you want to live.

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