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2008 marks the only time in Malaysian history besides 1969 that the opposition has produced the best result in history with accomplishing the primary objective of denying Barisan Nasional 2/3rds the majority and giving Abdullah Badawi the greatest beating he will never forget. In other words, the urban people had spoken and they are disappointed of how he runs the country and not being the Mr. Clean he promised.


Scoreline: BN 137, OP 85

In the amazing display and the winds of change, the Opposition has captured Penang, Kedah, Perak, Kelantan, and Selangor. The best performance was produced in Penang. DAP had done a clean sweep, capturing all 19 state seats and 7 Parliamentary seats. Blogger pioneer Jeff Ooi won big in Jelutong as well as Karpal Singh. Gerakan took a beating with Koh losing in Batu Kawan and Chia Kwang Chye as well. Thanks to the efforts of Kelantan and their own unique community initiative, PAS captured 40 out of 45 seats, with the help of their Harakah news portal. Selangor managed to win as well, scoreline 35-21 (state levels). Federal Territory is also doing well, particularly in Kuala Lumpur.

The intelligence reports by YM Raja Petra are quite accurate. The chances of opposition capturing the northern states of Malaysia are quite high, and I didn't realize that Selangor and Perak could go into their hands. As for Terengganu, it's definitely 50-50 chance close fight, with Barisan winning an extra seat, edging by 17-15, no 2/3rds for them.

Only 7 million out of 11 million people voted. I thought that were the remaining 4 million voted more, the results could also change in favor of the Opposition.

On the Home Front

I was primarily monitoring the results in Perak, and Selangor. I admitted that I really wanted the opposition to win, and Ma admitted to me she picked Opposition to win. My primary reasoning is that BN component parties are lapdogs. Even though if a BN MP is elected to Parliament, he still has to kotow to the leadership and BN's stance; if they go against the line, they will be answering to the whipping man, Najib.

At night, when I saw the unofficial results tally for Ipoh Timor at Malaysiakini, I told Ma that Lim Kit Siang had won Ipoh Timor and Wong Kah Woh had won Canning. We were jubilated that, happy that at least we get an OP MP to help deny 2/3rds majority there. Dad's friend had asked me to monitor the Tanjung Malim seat. The Ong brothers, both that my grandfather knew during the early 60s at Lenggong (Kongxi guys) had won, as well as some places.

MIC Whacked, Component Parties Decimated

Much of the upset was partially influenced by the Indians who are unhappy how they are treated and in the aftermath of the HINDRAF rally in November. The biggest cheer for the Indians is that Samy Vellu was beaten in his territory of Sungai Siput and all the big heads of the MIC party lost in their respective seats. Two of my dad's friends, one being in the HINDRAF assembly had a party and were cheering when they learned that Samy lost and all MIC got whacked.

People are aware from opposition ceramahs, being an eye-opener that MIC and MCA didn't do anything at all when temples are demolished or when UMNO radicals do the dagger thing in their general assembly. When I mean eye-opener, it means that they are given new information that was not shown in the mainstream media. In the last few days, I was listening non-stop to RPK's speech at Brickfields about the many crimes that UMNO did. All in all, the minorities are totally unhappy with UMNO running the government with their radical policies. Component parties just kotow to UMNO.

Rough-Arm Tactics

There are some cases like in Sibu and Rembau where BN used rough tactics to win their seats. For instance, in Rembau, gangs under Son-In-Law used vote buying and gangster tactics to taunt the opposition and somehow managed to win by a 5000-vote majority after a demand for recount. In Sibu, people voted for BN in fear because they were threatened that BN will pull the plug on funding the $900 million water project. Threats of pulling out of the funding also played a key factor in Johor as well.

Bye-Bye Ministers!

Some ministers who lost in their seats are going off as well. In addition to Samy Vellu, some who lost include Azim Zabidi, Sharizat Jalil, Fu Ah Kiow, Tan Chai Ho, Mah Siew Keong and others. Rafidah managed to scrape through.

Get Lost, Mamak Maidin!

Information Minister, Mamak Maidin has been a menace to the cyber community since April last year. He has embarrassed the nation at the eyes of the world with his bullshit and pathetic views especially his language at the Al-jazeera phone talk at the Bersih rally aftermath. When we learned that he lost in Sungai Petani, everyone here of the Malaysian So-Po blogging directory said adios and get lost to this asshole!

Bloggers and Lawyers in Public Office

With their wins yesterday, some of the bloggers that I knew will be going to public office coming April. Jeff will be the first blogger in Parliament and he'll exposing the dirty tricks of UMNO with his facts to backup. Tony Pua with incredible economic ideas and formerly a young businessman. On the state level, there's Elizabeth Wong, Nik Nazmi (whom I called yesterday to congratulate him), and few others. Hey, I'm even surprised that Gwo Burne won at Kelana Jaya. Some vets also blog and won including Teresa, Po Kuan, and Uncle Kit. Almost all DAP vets had their own blogs there. Wee Choo Keong, a lawyer that I met on a few occasions managed to win by a slim 15o vote majority against the throwing chair tantrum Yew Tiong Look.

Time to do your work as you promised, guys!

You Guys Are Still in Dreamland

Barisan still wins big at the southern and eastern territories including Perlis up north. When I looked at the analysis, I was wondering that the rural voters are still in dreamland, believing in the bullshit of the newspapers and the lies that Barisan Nasional spread. Rural people are still in the burden of their daily lives and they couldn't trust of enjoying the possibility of petrol price reduction. In other words the chance has been squandered with their decisions.

It's almost impossible to win big in Johor for opposition because of the strong UMNO influence there. I also noticed that there are some notable, alleged corrupt ministers and daylight robbers still winning their seats. I'm not sure why they would do that, either they are a die-hard loyalist to them or they are still in the dark over the truth. I've mentioned to you some of the known sharks like Zulhasnan, Conan Mansor, Rogue Banker Yackop.

I'm astonished to see Bodoh!Bodoh!Bodoh Taximan still winning including Ms. AP...haha! Most probably it's the loyalist attitude that wins them the seat.

Sadly, these people are still in the dreamland, promises of better economy wasted by their choice.


So what happens next? Abdullah is getting jeered, there are calls for resignation. Most people still don't like Najib to be PM because of the scandal and the alleged involvement in Altantunya murder and radicals are now being checked for their behavior, which of course would be KJ, Kerisman and the few.

It will be a good verbal debate, trading blows are the Parliament house when the next Parliament begins one month from now. At least there will be some check. I'm not sure whether a government with simple majority will allow petrol increase or not, most probably there will be protests from the people's side.

A lot of opposition winners are highly educated people compared to BN MPs who are semi-literate. There will be more controls over practices, making sure that no stone is unturned.

All in all, UMNO-BN is ultimately punished for their arrogance.

Time for a break.


  1. Yeah!!!

    BN got whacked in Ipoh. I voted DAP for both Ipoh Timur and Canning....

    Vincent =)

  2. You know my for my non-political habits. But I stayed up late for the results and cheered for every Opposition seat won. I'm excited about the beginnings of the New Malaysia. :)

    ~ Edmund


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