Sunday, March 30, 2008

MSM Has No Balls!

My fellow blogger Haris has been an advocate of the 'boycotting of the MSM' because they had been biased towards the opposition with news showing the favoritism of Barisan Nasional and being unfair. Besides, everything that is seen in the paper is more pro-government and providing the feel good image that they wanted. Anything bad is black out because they don't want to see it out in the papers the next day.

Other readers had written to him to express of the kind of shit and lies that MSM writes.

Someone told me once before that we even had sympathy for reporters and sub-editors there. They could not go beyond the line set by the editors because the main editors had to toe the line set by the 4th floor boys. You know who are they, right?

Of course this shows that the work entitlements of a journalist and editor has been stiffed because of such rules imposed by them. Bernama and Utusan are just lapdogs of 4th floor. The Star is 70:30 lapdog and it's also an extension of MCA - you know, KOTOW to UMNO.

I remembered of a Tamil movie called Mudhalvan in which a reporter is challenged to become a Chief Minister for one week by the incumbent who is a corrupt man, like BN who will pull all stops to make sure the reporter doesn't do well in the week.

So, Star, perhaps this will be a challenge. Give a citizen/ blogger one week to run the post of Chief Editor, with Datuk Wong not allowed to interfere or come within there. The person will need to show the guts, breaking the lines. I DARE THEM to say something that is not heard of before, like the corrupt counts of Khir Toyo or Abdullah Badawi is in jeopardy or whatsoever.

This is no longer 1987!

Yes, I must concur this piece from Malaysiakini: Journalism in Malaysia has to go back to basics or else it will become irrelevant in the future, perhaps within this year itself.

So that, please show to us that MSM has the testicles in the past bukan BOH CHOON TOI!

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