Friday, March 7, 2008

Election D-Day - Are You Ready?

I'm sorry for having it written in a very simplified format as I'm using a dial-up connection.

The question in people's mind is that it is either new change or more suffering?

If it's more suffering, you only have yourself to blame for choosing the wrong person.
If it's new change, then congratulations, you made the right choice to save Malaysia.
Well, everyone's a hero if that happens.

Recent intelligence reports can hint of what will happen if you keep supporting BN:

1. From Bernama, 4000 officers from the Domestic Consumer Affairs Ministry are in standby for their nationwide deployment in April for another price check.
2. Pak Lah said of we will keep monitoring of oil prices. This is a subtle hint and cleverly disguised fact that the price of petrol will go up on April 1st.
3. Change of secular laws to Islamic laws.

In the objective of denying the 2/3rds majority for Barisan Nasional, the Barisan Rakyat has a good chance of accomplishing it:

1. Intelligence and according to Kickdefella, has revealed that Barisan has admitted defeat in Kelantan.
2. There is a good chance of opposition winning the northern territories of Malaysia. However, Terengganu is a 50-50 chance.
3. Urban voters like in Selangor are opposing Barisan Nasional.
4. Penang DAP has drawn a massive crowd on Thursday and a Star reader has threatened to initiate a Penang boycott paper initiative for their biasing.

Some musings:

1. I told some guys in Wangsa Maju to take Wee instead of the chair-whoppin asshole Yew.2
2. Bloggers are menace to BN, so there are blogger candidates telling people the truth.


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