Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Anwar and Ku Li: The Race to Parliament

There has been some infighting in UMNO right now. Pressure is still mounting for Abdullah Badawi to resign and with this situation in mind, there is a debate of whether the next Prime Minister could be either Tengku Razaleigh or Anwar Ibrahim.

That was what a group of people including myself were debating over the weekend. Who should be the next prime minister? Out of a dozen plus, most of them think that Anwar should be the next prime minister despite the notorious past and the recent believe that he was victim of the corrupt.

The race is now on to see who could possibly replace Abdullah. There is no doubt that Abdullah might not be surviving for that long, given of calls for UMNO assembly, but since it's been called off, the next option would be either Ku Li or Anwar -if he wins one of the by-election Parliament seats - to go to Parliament and bringing up the motion of no-confidence as the first matter. If things are going on right, the first sitting is scheduled to begin on May 5. However, it would be best for him to take the Bandar Tun Razak over Khalid Ibrahim since the latter is concentrating more on work as the Selangor Chief Minister and the chances of winning are far better than in Permatang Pauh.

Chances if Anwar goes to Parliament, Najib is finished, not even the chance of taking over via baton passing as the next PM as Anwar has tons of facts and evidence. Those materials are likely to be the basis of bashing including his implication in the Altantunya murder, so he's dead meat, as so to speak.

Now let's examine some things and see where is the standing of Anwar and Ku Li:

On Anwar, many think that he should do so because having 8 years of experience as Finance Minister, Anwar is capable of reducing or creating a safety net as well as improving the national economy. Many discussing between Anwar and Ku Li feels that the main reason is largely due to the expected global economic meltdown likely to happen next year on.

In order for Anwar to win, he needs only another 30 more MPs to jump the boat. That is before anti-hopping laws are established and as long as they show things that they didn't buy MPs. So far, there could be 17 planning to leave Barisan Nasional and jump over. The resignation of this Surian MP was the starting point.

Anwar is free of restraints right now, just seeing and supervising how things are going around the country, unlike UMNO. But there could be enemies tailing him now, like today's case of two mysterious cars tailing his convoy everywhere.

Ku Li is one clean guy who intends to wipe the slate clean. He remains one of the few from the old UMNO, and came close to becoming the PM in 1987 with an incredible battle of wills with Mahathir. Yes, he was a Finance Minister, and he can promise electoral reforms.

Age could be a factor. Ku Li is 71 now, and there is no fix thing of how long can he hold before the old age takes a toll at him.

In order to challenge Abdullah for presidency, he must have at least 60 divisions of UMNO nominating him for presidency. What's more there are some divisions who disagreed of throwing a party election and early assembly this year. And another problem is that UMNO elections could be postponed until next year due to budgetary reasons, all being spent for the election campaign.

But the one card they can have in common and could be a lose-lose situation is in the King and the Parliament. Should the parliament convene as planned and Abdullah is boot out due to the vote of no confidence. In the case, the King has the obligation of deciding who would replace Abdullah Badawi and yes, the choice can even be Najib. It is one thing that they would rather avoid.

The good game strategy is for Abdullah to continue but on the bad side, it could spell the end of UMNO and BN in the coming future. If Anwar wins, to some they are being called, the MPs with shortest reign in the Malaysian history books.

Add. Reference: The Countdown Begins

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