Sunday, March 2, 2008

Send The Bloggers to Public Offices (2)

Another pair of bloggers that I think I would give my thumbs up as I believe of what can they do.

1. Chegubard

Formerly a school teacher, he was sacked for being outspoken. It the western world, the one that dares to stand out among the rest is the one that can be respected. But in the case of Malaysia, no, and the truth is the first casualty in the pursuit of justice. If you try to go against the system, even if your conscience says so, you are a liability to the government who acts at you even if they are wrong.

Coming this election, this man will be facing against the 'gangster' and 'patron of motor-menaces' Son-In-Law at Rembau. Many have offered their help in assisting Badrul in facing against the gangster war machine that is K.J. Among the tools offered including 'The Khairy Chronicles', People's Declaration and the list of many many mistakes of Barisan Nasional. Old man Mahathir once said about K.J and Kerishamuddin that both men will bring disaster to the party and perhaps bankrupt the nation with their radical ideas.
What do you think of the possibility of Mr Hishamuddin Hussein or Mr Khairy Jamaluddin playing a bigger role in Umno after the elections?
I think if you follow them, it will be disastrous for the party.

This will be one of the epic David vs Goliath clash here. A teacher that has not much reputation and money against the protected and the pretender. Stop K.J before it's disaster.

2. Elizabeth Wong

Information Bureau of PKR and one of the well-known Human Rights Activist. I had met her in a few occasions but missed one during a forum in which Howsy and I attended. But somehow I bumped into her at the Bersih Rally in Central Market and finally on the day at the Petrol protest. It was at that time that when I heard that Ginie Lim, her friend was arrested, I was with her at that time.

Since today is endorsing Elizabeth as the blogger into office, I'll sum up here:

We're both from the same town, Ipoh of course. I think if winning the state seat in Bukit Lanjan, one of the border towns between K.L and Selangor, she could be one of the thorns at the State Assembly, or in a funny way, creates problems for Khir Toyo. Well, Khir Toyo was very angry that the Sun exposed too many dirty works of the state government including bad governance, PKFZ scandal until he met the Sun's board on a CNY dinner and told them to SHUT UP - covering their guilt.

There is now a problem of Yang Berhormats who opened their mouth and accuse bloggers of talking bullshit and crap, but, wait till they see bloggers coming into public offices. They know more than what you think or presume, so it's either: the Yang Berhormat becomes a laughing subject in the assembly or people kotow to a Yang Berhormat if behind an 8-ball.

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