Monday, March 17, 2008

Metaphor: Inilah Bagaimana UMNO-BN Dihukum Oleh Rakyat!

[SPOILER] - At the first season finale of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the FBI raided the apartment looking for a rogue agent who is actually Cromartie, a Terminator sent to kill John Connor. However the raid ended in the disastrous manner as all the FBI men except agent Ellison were killed. It was after the shootout when Ellison realized that Sarah was right all along when the rogue agent is not a human but a Terminator - evident by the visible chrome marks.

The visual metaphor of dead FBI men falling down onto the swimming pool polluted with blood was an echo to the Book of Revelations telling of the Fourth Seal that speaks of Death, the fourth Horsemen of Apocalypse coming and it also mentions of second and third trumpets: sea and water turned to blood. (Listen as well to the accompanying soundtrack).

I was watching the scene a few times and given of the current context of Malaysia, this might represent of how the National Front here lost badly in the general elections. The people had enough of the inability of the 2004 administration to deal with corruption, crimes, and rising religion tensions as well as rising living costs. And so, they decided to reject the next government seriously, having no choice seeing how the outlook would be in April.

The visual image of dead men falling into the pool can also be interpreted as the ministers and deputy ministers, incumbent MPs who lost in the elections like Samy Vellu, Sharizat and Mamak Maidin.

In the aftermath of the elections, UMNO divisions in Penang and Selangor are protesting over the possibility of discarding the NEP in favor of the MEA - Malaysian Economic Agenda. Apparently, the corrupt ones, those who benefited from the NEP's loophole are protesting against it for their source is gone. Nazri Aziz admitted that the NEP or NDP - if some called it after 1991, is about to disappear. Penang, Perak, Selangor and Kedah contributed 60 percent of the national GDP, and with those states.

Talk of a few more others like UMNO inciting racial hatred and spinning the news through their lapdog agencies Bernama and Utusan....- that should be understood.

My relatives were talking of the protest at Komtar the other day by UMNO Penang and the pseudo-Malays last week. The protest has resulted in a three hour jam on the bridge. But the FRUs are practicing double standards, allowing them to do so for one hour instead of against those who go against the government before. UMNO's Azhar Ibrahim was instigating the incident of and asked the Federal government to stop funding projects for the NCER and Penang. This sentiment was then echoed by another racist Ali Rustam who could be punishing those who voted for opposition in Malacca.

This would be against the religion basic principles of never to subjugate and oppress other races.

If the people are being oppressed and subjugate to the point of not holding anymore, they would retaliate in anger. And that's how UMNO-BN are punished badly.

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