Monday, March 3, 2008

Mamak Maidin's Game of Craps

The Sleeping Emperor called him the smartest minister in the cabinet but this man, according to Anwar Ibrahim, he could not put a simple sentence in English and was lamenting like a schoolboy:

From the aftermath of the Bersih rally: you interview opposition ah? Government very good ah!

Why do you report that and you take the opposition, someone from opposition party you ask him to speak, you don’t take from the government, right?

Image poster by Mob

Rounds of Crap Games by Mamak Maidin

On February 23, Mamak Maidin was dismissing the claims from other parties that the media here is a partisan, pro-government side which offers a total one-side news that intends to make people believe that Barisan Nasional is the only way and part of the dirty tricks to win because they had the financial muscle to do so, but what they have forgotten that it's tax payers money, not their own money.

Two days ago, according to Malaysiakini, the man denied that Merbok had rejected him since he was asked to contest in Sungai Petani. It's a new territory for him which may be different from what Merbok does but deep within that news piece, it could also suggest, probably that Merbok population don't like him but he tried to pretend that they like him well. Let's hope that my guessing is wrong anyways.

He's also a source of YB vs Blogger syndrome that Malaysia is facing. Bloggers are that, blogs are lies and etc..and he says papers are accurate news. Hey....not all news pieces on Malaysia are accurate. Some are manipulated the other way round, some are blacked out because of the nature of the content. And Mamak is contented that the news spells out good image for the bad guys. Face of an ally, the mask of a foe. Well, maybe you may forgotten, Mamak that editors and newspapers had to toe the line of the Fourth Floor boys. Anything out of the control channel and the duo of Khalid Jaafar and Vincent Lim will come down swooping at the editors like vultures. The common question is....."Why did you write that thing?"

Even if the reporters have the conscience of writing something that is true, the thing is with those controls in place, they had to no other choice to kotow. Go against them and they lose their job. But he has forgotten, blogs cannot be controlled anyone except themselves.

Sudahlah ZAM...the age of dinosaurs like you are long gone many years ago. You're a laughing stock throughout the world at that Bersih rally. EC Abdul Rashid's guessing is right, the world is laughing at Malaysia. It has now become a laughing stock because of one-sided stories. One sided stories like you crazy ultras bashing NameWee for something he does right...

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