Thursday, March 20, 2008

(P) Rendezvous With yang Berkhidmat

Yesterday was my first day at work for the new company that I've joined. It's a multi-national one primarily consisting of Indians since it is originated from India. I felt very different in the company culture as they are totally different from my previous one. They helped me to get my feet wet to it and my superiors, one being the operations manager by the name of Sanjeev and the other one, my department head by the name of Wasem dropped by to see how things are going.

I was thankful that they are not pushing or expecting me to show like a pro from the beginning, but they are looking more into the learning curve. As the matter of fact, they encouraged working together with other 'insurance' department colleagues and collaborating with them (sticking together) to achieve the targets. My parents called me a night, checking on how was my first day and I told them that.

Rendezvous with yB

I knew from the other day that yB Wee was gracing a party at Wangsa Maju organized by his loyalists and supporters as to thank the people for helping him to win in the general elections. When he goes to the Parliament, the BN MPs would be running scared given of his maverick reputation and the fiery brand there.

The rendezvous with yB covered from 9 p.m until 4 a.m in the morning! I parked my car at one of the transit stations before going to work. By the time I returned back to the station I could not move my car out because the small path out was blocked by a row of 4 cars, parked by inconsiderate drivers. Frustrated as no one came to move their cars, I took the train to Wangsa Maju, took a cab there and found the party. Coincidentally, my friend Eric was there, he came with YB from Petaling Jaya to here. It was raining though.

It was there I met an acquaintance of Eric, Meng Heng and we were talking while waiting for yB who might give me a lift back to the LRT station. Just then, there was a change of plan in which yB Wee had to go somewhere else. This opened the door to midnight craziness. So the three of us, were in the car, went to the NPC club (on the way seeing if the car had been cleared or not, but sadly not yet). We had our drinks, a few jugs of beer at the lowest price, played snooker, and met with Haris and Tony at the place.

Y.B Wee came over at 1 a.m and brought the house down by getting a few more jugs of beer and talking to most of those who are still there. He offered to refill glasses of beers, and when I told him of half-cup, Y.B remarked of 'no such thing as half-glass beer'. :)

We thought of going back but the guys wanted to celebrate with y.B Wee with another round of early morning / breakfast steam fish with rice at Old Klang road. At 3 in the morning, there was a police roadblock at one of the roads, which Meng escaped, maybe because of the police seeing me at the back seat and thinking I was a boss or something. :)

It was of the car, that got the ball rolling on that day. I was too exhausted and only woke up at 1 p.m today....hahaha.

Author's note: Picture removed following feedback from certain quarters. Apologies :(

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