Friday, March 7, 2008

A Little Taffer's Room Is A Year Old

Today, March 7, A Little Taffer's Room is one year old!

I started this blog on that night as to share things following suit of my good friend Edmund. He had started his blog two months ahead of me and seeing the incredible musings and personal life content of the blog, I decided to start a blog of my own.

There are some of you who have yet to understand the meaning of the word 'taffer'. I've actually written an unfinished draft of the history of the word and to support my reasoning of calling the blog of the name above. But it's unfinished, as of now and it will be out some day.

Initially I wrote personal things and musings of my own pleasure. Fine, but I started venturing into and adding social-political content since May last year. The reason is simple is because of Mamak Maidin and his pathetic one-step backward views that could affect the young and old. I was irked at that asshole that I decided to add my voice in fighting the semi-literate politicians of Bolehland.

Since September, when I started to write about UMNO cyber-troopers, witness privacy compromised, the judiciary scandal and the Bersih rally, readership shot up, to hundreds per day, unique and non-unique. A fellow blogger has also mentioned of how proud he is to see more of the young blood contributing their voice in the quest of making Malaysia a better place to be than of now. And what more is the reward of being a listed under the Malaysian So-Po directory? And at the process, I get to know some of the fellow bloggers who put up the same fight as I do - making sure BN loses in the cyber-war and tasting their own medicine.

Almost everyday, people have been criticizing Abdullah Badawi for his inability to do what he promised 4 years ago. I thought the word taffer can be used in this context as well. I always imagined of going into a place with a blackjack (a club) undetected and knocked out a person from the back!

For the first year, I was targeting on writing one post per day and if I don't, I'll make it up the next day or so. People were commenting on this saying you have time on this , that's incredible! No, as more things shown in media, prime and alternative surfaced everyday, I would at times get some ideas including parallels of fiction with real-life. I'm not saying that this is entirely a so-po blog. It is supposedly contain some personal things, tech stuff and back forth.

Thanks readers, and do keep on reading here. As in the next two days, Internet connection might be slow as I will be using a dial-up connection, and I will be providing: a personal first-time experience of voting as well; a sum-up prior to elections and if possible a two cents of the results.


  1. happy first anniversary, Melvin

    Happy blogging.

  2. Happy First Anniversary... :)

    ~ Edmund


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