Sunday, March 9, 2008

At the Poll Station

My voting Parliament constituency is in Ipoh Timor, while the state seat is Canning. My polling station was at Marian Convent Primary School adjacent to Tambun Inn. The proceedings there were quite smooth, and I did not have to wait that long for my turn to vote.

There were 13 channels at that station, and I only need to wait for two more persons before my turn to do my vote.

In that channel, there were six people, two issuing ballot papers, one list checker and caller, two double-checking and one presiding officer. For those of you who are not eligible yet, you basically go in and show your ID card. The list checker will check your name and will call out loud your name and the ID number for the double-checkers to verify. Then a ballot issuer will give you two ballot papers, one state and one Parliament for you to make the choice.

You would go into the panel and make your choices, cross X on your choice and then place the respective papers in their respective transparent boxes. This time, it's no more black, but transparent!

If things are fast, it will take you roughly 15 minutes to finish the job. I went there at 11 in the morning, and there are people from both parties trying to rope you in to help you check your voting ID numbers. My mum who came later in the afternoon was approached by DAP people to do that, but the camp was smaller than the BN camp!

I already had in mind who to vote before coming there. And to some who were born before 86/87, and being registered to vote, that's the first chance.

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