Thursday, March 13, 2008

While They Bicker, UMNO-BN TakesThe Advantage

UMNO is still in shock mood and sulking over their losses to the opposition last Saturday. And in fact, they are trying to take advantage of the current squabbling over forming the coalition of the Perak state government. One fire torched out and another came, so it says that Keadilan could not agree over the allocation of the exco members among the three parties. Most of them were snapped up by DAP and PAS, while PKR gets nothing.

The swearing in of Nizar Jamaluddin was called off today due to this issue. From Malaysiakini: This issue, brought up in the afternoon via discussions was discussed from 2.30 p.m. until 4.05 p.m, but by that time, it was too late to reach in time to start the swearing in ceremony. The distance to Kuala Kangsar from Ipoh is roughly 45 kilometers or close to one hour from town to the Palace in Kuala Kangsar.

The answer to the dilemma is simple. DAP should consider giving three exco seats to PKR just as to make everyone happy. While they squabble, UMNO is taking over the advantage, attempting to put a smear to the Barisan Rakyat, derailing what is to be the first fruit that is expected from the people who run the winds of change. They stoke racial flames among the others. If this persists, I might see this as a KO before the show kicks off. Penang had got of to the start by refusing to use the NEP policy for the state, a move described by Dollah as inciting hate against the Malays. Kerisman, another ultra-UMNO man, also was saying the same thing as well.

Are they actually trying to stick back of separation of powers and rights?

The actual problem is laid out in front of our eyes: UMNO is playing by the race card, they wanted to rule everything separated out by race. Employment in Malaysia is sorted out by race first, given the impression of discrimination. If persisted, they could fall in future. The thing is right now, with Internet as a weapon, people are aware of the race cards they want to play and for goodness sake, we are free of the past. We just need to learn the mistakes of the past and move on. Why do they want to go on with the race thing? By doing this 'Malay Supremacy' thing, they are nothing more than the Nazis themselves!

This is how UMNO would do, with their mainstream media in their arsenal and a variety of attacks. Believing themselves high and mighty, they can play dirty and nobody seems to care while ACA turns a blind eye on them. But there are exposures of alleged crimes committed by UMNO members, and some fighting other rivals in the same party. When Mukhriz attempted to hold a PC to call for Dollah to resign, Khairy and his 'PEKIDA gangsters cohorts' stopped him short. Khir Toyo, suspected of having 20 corrupt cases against him is plotting with Hassan Ali of joining with PAS Selangor given that PKR is still with DAP over exco seats. And another interesting fact of how 'Boy George' Azalina won unopposed is this: a buy out of the PKR candidate with the offer of $1 million.

ACA needs a revamp. The son of the ACA director is involved in the porn case in Australia. And there are cases where ACA forced people to come out of the open or having identities compromised by unethical officers. We thought it was an independent entity like the police or the judiciary, instead it's merely an extension of UMNO.

And then, there is also a plan to reignite the flames of 1969 using NOC and PEKIDA with the excuse of 'Malay rights in jeopardy'. A plan by KJ himself. The calls for Dollah's resignation is getting insurmountable. Such tactic is used to nullify all that we've worked falling apart with one evil deed by that man himself. Many of the BN loyalists had accused him for the political tsunami that is March 8.

There were two recordings of Raja Petra that I heard over the past week, with one or two interesting parts. The first recording, taken from his Port Klang speech reveals the fact that UMNO Youths are more radical than the seniors and they are the ones who fan the flames of religious tension at Malaysia including showing how holier am I than thou as well as showing the Dagger in front of the assembly, whereas they should not. What they say, from Dollah and Kerisman implies that UMNO defends the Malays AND sees Chinese and Indians as their enemies and vice versa.

The second recording, taken from Brickfields says that whatever UMNO says in the past about risk being killed by Chinese and Indians is a mere lie, to mislead everyone. Even the Malays now are prepared to work and live together with others as part of multi-racialism. Just like a team of football, they can be successful if they work together, black skin or white skin, Herman Boone doesn't care, as long they can play to his method. A quote from him also indicated that UMNO youths are cowards from the way they do the dagger antics at the General Assembly. Take out, kiss and put it back, which is not the right way to do...isn't it?

Again, we are already over the past thing. I don't want to squabble with our Malay and Indian friends over a small issue. I don't carry a gun or baseball bat when meeting another dark brown skin guy. I don't pose a danger to anyone. If UMNO does that, then what are National schools for when they do things contradicting to the aims of a National school?

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