Sunday, March 30, 2008

Strange Bedfellows

I was in KLCC today intending take a cab to see my brother and my cousin for lunch at Pavillion. I was about 10 minutes behind schedule, leaving from the underground station. I went to two sides of the compound looking for a taxi that will take me to Pavillion. Given of the cash in hand that I carried today, I thought going there will cost around three bucks.

I asked those in waiting, those hungry for customers to come. The above sign reads that it's a meter taxi. I told them I would wish to go to Pavillion. But I noticed that most of them there are not using taxi meters. In K.L , it's using taxi meters all along.

I had a driver saying to go there costs $15, while another one says $7.

I was quite unhappy that they are not using meters and in frustration, seeing how slack the taxi drivers were there, I slammed one of the taxi doors too hard and scolded one of them, and walked on foot all the way there. At lunch, a customer of my cousin, who was joining us told me of that recently there are a bunch of taxi drivers who are refusing to use taxi meters anymore. I asked her, whether it's because of the election thing in KL (where 10 Opposition against 1 BN) was the main reason why. She was a lawyer and had been moving around in taxis before elections. I asked her again is it true or not this happens right now.

She didn't say yes or no but she instead said of complaining to the CVLB is useless.

Not sure whether if some companies are in support or loyalists of BN.

It seems that these guys are strange bedfellows of BN in KL. Not sure if it's true or not, but whenever I drive around the city, one common problem I always see on the road is always taxi drivers: road hogging, cutting without signal (something that irks mum) and sometimes ignoring people calling for them. On election day in Ipoh, taxis there are providing free services for that day to take people to polling stations as part of supporting BN there.

I would take taxis if I have too, but generally, I had a distaste of their professionalism.

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