Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pakatan Rakyat - Re-enacting the Rebels vs Galactic Empire Battles

Most newspapers and Malaysiakini showed a very big headline entitled the formation of Pakatan Rakyat, a more central-left wing oriented coalition aiming to cater more for the needs of the common people.

Despite election being over, the mood of people hating Barisan Nasional, except for stupid fools of course still remains at the high pitch and it is at the right time to further keep to momentum in turning the oppression back to Barisan Nasional. This whole thing was started by UMNO youths coupled by BN component parties who are merely yes-men to the mighty but illiterate leaders who cannot see the bottom.

Barisan Nasional is like the right-wing Americans right now, facing the pressure from the people and ultimately punished in the end. They lost the Vietnam war in 1975 because they simply don't understand the bottom. Last year was more of picking the tune of rebels vs the empire and we are looking at a possible real-life action of Return of the Jedi. Is it some coincidence there? I think there is.

UMNO-BN still remains in the denial mode, squabbling over nothing, like in the forum at the hotel in PJ. While the rebels are pushing to take over the government, they are still fighting in within and our friend said, BN could be finished as the fall of Saigon. Tuan Guru Hadi Awang did say on Malaysiakini of inviting BN disillusioned reps to come over but someone mentioned of concerns of backstabbing - Anwar said no problem, that can be handled.

Yes, Anwar has been on the round table after elections and there is a realistic chance of winning ahead. But will it come at the price of cronies of the past running away with money as what Daim did when Mr. Mahathir left in October 2003?

A big announcement is coming on April 13, what could that be?

I have no objection over this Pakatan Rakyat with only two observations, that is, keeping in line with the needs of the people and secondly, it is more appropriate to see this as on the people's side rather than thinking as the opposition.


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