Friday, April 11, 2008

Blame Dollah and The Sultan for 1988 not Dr. M

This week, Mr. Mahathir was in a spat with the government and Karpal Singh over their insistence that he should apologize to former Lord President Salleh Abas for his sacking in 1988. Mahathir insisted that it was not his fault and he did not sack Salleh. After some while studying the private notes of Salleh and going through some pages by George Seah, one of the 5 Supreme Court judges sacked, it seems that Mahathir was speaking the truth after all.

Basically, everyone thinks that Mahathir was responsible for it but if you remember the opening line which states 'a series of events' that led to his sacking before the saying of Mahathir responsile for it, then you might a clue of who was responsible and started the mess.

Dollah Badawi Started The Ball Rolling

From George Seah's notes, the first event that led to the judiciary crisis was right after the 1987 presidential party election between Mahathir and Ku Li. (Mahathir won by just 43 division votes). After that, 11 members sought the High Court with summons to declare the general assembly null, void and illegal. The High Court Judge then, Harun Hashim would declare the assembly void and null as well as UMNO illegal. Of course the declaration has sparked a furore among the top brass and of course the one who engineered the whole thing and heads the 11-person group is none other than our very own Dollah Badawi. The story is actually known by a big bunch of people, particularly those who once were in the S46 splinter cell.

There were three meetings and the decision to summon UMNO to court was taken by Dollah himself and the staunch supporter and campaigner for this thing is no other than the ex-secretary general Radzi Sheikh Ahmad who recently parted following the spat over the Shahidan issue. Yes, they knew that he was involved in this case and subsequently sacked as the Defense Minister. It was his late wife Endon who persuaded Mahathir to take him back to the fold in 1991. This whole scenario forms the basis to this day why the public still thinks that Mahathir was responsible for the dismantling of the judiciary system.

It's not Mahathir in this case, but Dollah Badawi. Dollah bohong rakyat....!

The Notorious Johor Ruler

Another event that led to Salleh's sacking was from the Agong himself. At the time of sacking, the Agong is no other than Tengku Mahmood Iskandar from Johor. Yes, this Sultan is known to be notorious , implicated in various crimes and stripped of the 'Crown Prince' title from 1961 until reinstated at 1981. Two notable cases noted including the murder of a golf caddy when he was the Agong (he bludgeoned the caddy to death when he was laughed over missing the hole) and in 1992, assaulted the late Douglas Gomez over the decision to pull Bandar Penawar sports school over the hockey tournament. (This was largely because of Tengku Bendahara Majid's suspension over the 1992 SUKMA hockey final for assaulting the Perak goalkeeper).

I remembered that while he played at Royal Perak Golf Club in the past, he really messed up with the 6th hole. The ball that he played ended up on a bamboo tree. In golf rules, you cannot move the ball anywhere you want and you must continue from that spot. He ordered someone to chop the bamboo tree down.

Now back to here, the Agong at that time played directly to Salleh's sacking. Salleh's house was just next to the palace and he was complaining of the level of noise there. So a letter was written and copies were given to the other 8 rulers. This puts a smack on the rulers and the Agong was angered by the insolence because it should have been an audience instead of a letter.

From Raja Petra's essay:
The Agong was outraged and demanded that Mahathir sack the Chief Justice for this insolence that tantamount to misconduct. Mahathir, however, replied that he does not have the authority to sack the Chief Justice and that this can only be done through a Tribunal. The Agong then commanded (titah) that a Tribunal be set up, which was to report direct to His Majesty. The Tribunal found the Chief Justice guilty of misconduct and sent its recommendation to the Agong, who then removed the Chief Justice.
Right now, UMNO wants the people to think that in this scenario, Mahathir was directly responsible for the sacking but on the other hand, simply ask any of the Semangat 46 members, ex-members and they will say otherwise that Abdullah Badawi started the whole mess.


  1. Oh, yes, Mahathir is an angel alright. No wonder after that the judges were angels. No wonder Augustine Paul got promoted up real quick to handle the Anwar case. Yes, blame that on Dollah too.

  2. Hi Melvin,

    Yeah, its hard sometimes for some people to accept the truth when the lies were repeated countless times until the lies become the truth eventhough new evidence and information are made available. So, say tak nak to everything i guess. Tak Nak Merokok?

    Good article (April 11?). Thanks.



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