Monday, April 7, 2008

Fuyoh, Datuk Dollah, Show Off !!!

Wow, Datuk Dollah, I've never seen you before become so daring as before.

Depending on how the MSM editors say, you are nothing more than Chuck Austen going and hurl insults on other people whereas you are responsible for the losses in the election. Call Dr M as that, call Ku Li as that, and then call Anwar as taught you to say that? Son-in-law? 4th Floor Boys ka? Atau Kalimullah Hassan? You said got sabotuers in UMNO but so far there is no proof..oi accuse orang ka?

But then people DON'T WANT YOU anymore! People are pressuring you to resign. Even your own UMNO organization camp is going nationwide to ask you to resign. Given the past history of you, I must say that you're not giving the people the thumbs up. You said that you're not soft...but people are thinking otherwise. So you must be that soft because you're 'flip-flop' (as Mr. Biggum Dogmannsteinberg would say) because YOU CAN'T DECIDE!

I wrote to you a letter before and I supposed that you don't have the balls to reply me back for the answer. Is that WarkahUntukPM for? Just as a complimentary box to say 'Datuk Dollah' is the best PM of Malaysia ah? Oi, mana reply saya?

Financially, people are bailing out because of you. Fund managers are moving out, Chinese economy players are plying their trade in China, Thailand and Vietnam, world economy is about to collapse later this year and you think you are great. And there is the brain drain because there's not much things to enjoy in Malaysia. Low income, 20 percent of a Singaporean per capita income and whatsoever. You did not do what you promised to!

Sometimes, I was picturing one moment where if petrol prices go down, you will shout that loud, "Mana Boleh Turun! Harga minyak di Singapura lagi mahal!!!". Friend, you are borrowing money to build Economic Corridors and when the world economy collapse, the country will go bankrupt because of you! PKFZ, submarine jet commissions, aiyo...why didn't you control that lol? "Jeanne, jom kita pergi Korridor Timur, or whatsoever.." Baca buku ekonomi dulu lar...!

In November, you muttered your famous line..."Saya pantang dicabar!.." but where got conviction one? Macam tak ada strength in the phrase. The phrase could have been firmer but, well, suffice to say that people go against you because they have the right to do so.

I already warned that Datuk Dollah that will not survive by the end of the year. From the outcome of Ku Li's rally last Friday, it was a mix bag. In other words, Anwar is automatically in the lead even before he makes his move, which is due on next Tuesday. So, it is good to become the shopkeeper of your own TENC shop. Just Mr. Mahathir now selling bread now...

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