Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another NS Casualty....Sigh..!

When National Service was first introduced in 2004, I asked my brother of his opinion. And he had a very negative perception of the program. He was quite skeptical, he was doubting whether things can be handled there of. Flash forward to December last year, after he finished his SPM, I asked him whether he was selected for the program or not. He said that his name did not appear on the list.

He was not disappointed but instead he was happy not to be selected.

You see that the National Service was the brainchild of Najib back in 2003 and although the thing has been running well, the service was marred by 20 deaths so far.

The latest, a one Afiq Zulhairi Rozali died of a lung infection and could have been saved if he was taken to a specialist hospital the moment authorities detected and act as fast on a situation like this. Unfortunately, camp authorities are very slow and sometimes tend to procrastinate.

In some cases, some parents were not allowed to visit their children. Little mullahs cum camp administrators? Well, some of them. Bureaucracy is something that tends to irk a parent in this case. Well, there might be a possibility of a trainee playing truant and perhaps it could be a reason of authorities acting slow. Maybe another reason could be that a government hospital doctor could not diagnose of a possible health irregularity than a private hospital specialist would.

In this case, you need ANNIYAN to punish those little mullahs.

Now that the National Service is in its 5th year, there is an average of 4 trainee deaths per year. It's still not a good sign of the program and it's one of the flaws that needs to be patched up. Secondly, perhaps the environment might be the problem. But chances are it's the speed and the action needed to handle the sick ones have to be dealt with.

I don't really blame the government for having the idea, but instead it is the fault of the executors - maybe insensitivity or inconsideration plays a part of a youth's death. Paying $30000 + for a trainee's death doesn't do much to appease the family of the dead. Live is more precious than money and BN doesn't seem to care about this case.

If I am a parent and for some reason I feel that life of my child is more important, when in jeopardy, than following the administration rules, then I will have to take the risk of breaking the rule. Go in and say scream at the mullahs..whatsoever. When a trainee dies, the blood is on the EXECUTORS, not the parents, not their friends, but those running the camp.

And that's the reason why my brother absolutely hated the idea.

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