Thursday, April 24, 2008

Taking Names at Wangsa Maju

Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong's service center at Section 2 had a soft opening yesterday and invitation was extended to anybody to come over to say hello or talk on problems. I went there after work at around 8.15 p.m.

Although the first Parliament session has yet to kick off and it is about 5 days away, YB Wee is not wasting anytime; He had already started listening to grouses by citizens from the sector even if the service center has just been cleaned up and a phone line installed with two air-conditioners, but not fully furnished.

With a laptop, he writes down the grouses aired by people. Others would wait until their turn to enter the room to meet with YB. Some of his supporters plus the PAS people came around to say hello to the center while also enjoying fried noodles, rice and satay on the house. I was told that since starting his blog and after elections, Wee is quite enthusiastic over what people say about his postings via comments and I believed that he posts as soon as heas h most of the materials ready as soon as possible, even if it's early in the morning. On Wednesday, he had three posts published, one on the Rustam Sani's passing, another a press release and the other, a letter demanding Alam Flora and DBKL to terminate the sub-contractor for garbage collection in Section 2, Institulin Sdn Bhd.

Two reporters and a photographer were also invited for an interview and YB was also addressing the same illegal immigrant issue that is plaguing KL and also elaborated that DBKL could not act at Petaling Street because of being held back by a 'syndicate' led by an underworld boss and the statement by MCA's Datuk Ang on Petaling Street hawkers was a lie. (see press statement, note the second in less than three days).

The pics were taken on my phone camera and joining me in covering the occasion is of course TV Smith and E Woon. I had a good guessing that Eric will show up and I got it right as he came here but this time on his own. I had seen him last month at a thanksgiving celebration that YB Wee organized previously. From what was discussed between both of us I understand that should there is a change of government, YB is could either be a FT Minister or being the Mayor of KL if the post is abolished due to his seniority.

Secondly, postings including letters, documents and reports submitted here are as proof of what is written. With the official Lingamtape scandal report due to this Friday, let's see whether if what was written in there is against what is actually submitted. Let's also see how Monday will play out.

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