Monday, April 14, 2008

Utusan and UMNO was Scaring The Shit Out of This

In the morning, the majority dailies mentioned that the police was threatening to arrest participants of the a 'private' gathering at the Sultan Sulaiman club in Kampung Baru. Today is called Black 14 because in the original plan, at the stroke of midnight, Anwar Ibrahim is eligible to contest and take part in active politics.

True, 20000 people were in attendance of the show and I met fellow bloggers Tony, Haris, and Michelle there. Now there's All-Blogs TV, a special online channel to cater for the local scenario. Cool. The initial plan was to celebrate two events at the same time, one is Raja Petra and his wife's 35th wedding anniversary and secondly another blogger, Arif Abdul's birthday bash as well.

Well because of that, I think those two events did not happen as well. I couldn't see them at all. Anwar was talking the same thing again but this time he was revealing extra things that subtly hints of change of government within a timeframe of three months.

Coming back to the first point, there were no actual words that say that police was threatening those things. The police in fact did well, a commendable job in controlling and monitoring the scene to ensure no further disturbance. However, the whole thing was cut short at 10.30 p.m from the idiot known as Sabtu Osman. Okay, fine, the show ended in a orderly manner and there were constant chants of Reformasi led by Chegubard.

It seems that police doesn't even know the proper definition of a private and public function. Since the show is a private function, the police should not just go in and interfere with people's affairs. Strangely, the police acts like Nazis when they look at opposition. When the UMNO people rallied illegally in Penang after the GE, they did nothing. Strange, isn't it?

The thing is that most dailies took the cue from Bernama and Utusan, UMNO's lapdog dailies and they wrote in a very intimidating manner just to scare the shit out of people's pants. Fortunately, there were no arrests like Bersih, for they knew, any mess made by the police in that spells the end of UMNO-BN government.

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