Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sara, Sara, oh Saravanan!

Do you guys remember a track by Starship called 'Sarah'?

In case if you have not seen this piece by this deputy FT minister Saravanan, you might want to take a look here.

Saravanan lashes out at some aggressive KL reps


IS this how an MP should behave?” questioned Deputy FT minister Datuk M. Saravanan in relation to the two-day round-table forum organised by the Federal Territories Ministry at Hotel Istana.

He was commenting on the attitude of some MPs at the conference, “in particularly Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong and Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng”.

He said the FT Ministry was worried by the pressure and threat from some MPs, citing that the authority was forced to take action against the foreign workers at Chinatown in a few days following Wee's accusations of Kuala Lumpur City Hall's (DBKL) incompetence.


Yes indeed this is true that you guys never bother to come and do it only to do it when you are pushed by people. Here's one example: I always park my car at Brickfields before walking to my office in Central Plaza and I see plenty of rubbish at the small alleyway near the Monorail station. And you guys don't even bother to do it.

What about in Petaling Street? Petaling Street has lost its charm as tourist spot. Gone are the glorious days and instead becomes another red light spot, too many foreign workers people here and you guys don't even bother about piracy here. Were you paid by those guys to 'turn one eye away?'

Don't forget that there are some bus drivers around town that are actually Indonesians but were given MyKad status, you can judge them by their behavior. Why did you bring them in whereas the jobless rate here is still at a unsatisfactory level?


“City Hall has already told Wee that they were discussing with the hawkers and petty traders' association in Chinatown to find out better ways to deal with the problem, but he said that was a stupid answer and distributed a statement with the remark to everyone at the retreat on the first day,” he told a press conference.

“We have to deal with the issue sensitively because Chinatown is a tourist destination known to the world, and we want to allow the operators there to adjust themselves. We cannot just carry out harsh enforcement.

“However, with the pressure and threat from this MP, we have no choice but to take action against the foreign workers,” he said.

*You lanchiou! Why didn't you do it at your own initiative? Why do you wait until last minute?*

“Your representative asked us to take action,” he stressed.

On Lim, Saravanan said he asked for reserved parking from the hotel for MPs. “Now as an MP in the opposition you want free parking, if you are in the ruling party, would you ask to own the hotel?”


Fuck you! Parking rates are sometimes killing. In times where high cost of living, people would rather pay a bit and used the remaining for better things like food and etc. If I want to park and do something for 30 minutes, do you have any free parking space here?*

DBKL is at times can be greedy. Extra money, double the fines over the PDRM limit just to fill up the coffers and instead do nothing serious for the benefit of the people. Where are those disabled-people friendly facilities? I don't see any of those around the city. Greedy pigs!

You want to charge people for coming into town? Not enough to sate your coffer?


He criticised that some MPs did not make good use of the chance, and that veterans Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai and Bukit Bintang MP Fong Kui Lun could have done better.

However, he commended Bandar Tun Razak MP Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Batu MP Tian Chua and Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar for their professionalism.

Asked if ties between the ministry and the MPs were ruined, he said: “Some, not all. I must be fair, there are MPs who can think.”

He said KL MPs should know the operating mechanism in the Federal Territories, that the authority could not take immediate actions in some cases and “just bring the weapon there and shoot”, as they needed to discuss with relevant ministries and consider many aspects.

*You mean all of you must answer to this Mr. $700 million man Zulhasnan?*

Saravanan also said that the need for these kind of forums again would be reassessed. However, he added that the ministry still valued constructive suggestions.

“If you think you respect us, we will listen; but if you think you don't respect us, sorry, we have no time for you,” he said.

*As Mr. Wee said in his post, DBKL is slack in their work. The department heads can be like Little Napoleons and slack. If that's the case, throw the whole group and replace by those who can do it seriously and properly lol. As said, the MP was asking you 12 questions and there are no answers. It implies that:

1. Awak tak tahu Bahasa Inggeris atau Bahasa Melayu.
2. Awak tak langsung buat hal ini, turning one eye round.
3. Goyang kaki saja, tunggu untuk gaji buta saja.


He assured that the participants would see results to the matters raised, but they have to give them time.

“We look at the urgency level. Some matters, for instance, the suggestion of a three-day feedback timeframe is being implemented but we can't curb rising crime rate in one or two days,” he said.

*Why didn't you do it earlier? Paperwork, red tape , or bureaucracy? If that's the case, give them to others to do it and get lost.*

Meanwhile Federal Territory Barisan leaders hit out at some of the opposition MPs in Kuala Lumpur for their improper behaviour at the forum.

FT Umno information chief Datuk Suhaili Abdul Rahman said the MPs regardless from which party they belong should have used the roundtable meeting to debate proper proposals.

“Even if you want to criticise it should not be done in an aggressive manner. This is only their arrogance.

“If this is the way they are going to conduct themselves then I propose that the FT Ministry do not hold such meetings in the future as it is simply waste of time. The action by the irresponsible MPs would only make the people suffer,” said Suhaili.

FT PPP also hit out the opposition MPs saying they should not “play politics” but should instead show willingness to work and resolve the problems faced by city folks.

Its chairman A. Chandrakumanan said the behaviour of the some KL opposition MPs reflected their true character.

“Among themselves there seems to be no cohesion. For example Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong placed banners thanking the voters in his constituency with only the PKR and PAS logos while the DAP logo was missing. Where is the spirit of Pakatan Rakyat that they are talking about?” said Chandrakumanan.

*Are you guys trying to make a political issue out of this?*

Guys, in case some of you have forgotten, YB. Wee is a KL MP for 10 years before the scandal in 1995 where he was stripped of the MP and given to Dr. Ayam. You might have forgotten that he can be a no-nonsense MP when it comes to Parliament and when you go into sessions and see him, as what some people say, be prepared to get scared.

I just went over to YB Wee's posting and saw that a big percentage of people are behind him over the logical reasoning that he posted there. Here's an example of their comment of those behind him:
Zulhasnan ada banyak jawatan sekarang. Menteri Undi Pos dan sekaranbg juga Menteri Pendatang Haram. Wow! Zulhasnan boleh terima gaji dua kali sebab dua jawatan.

Task malukah Zulhasnan. The problems of illegal immigrants dominating the Jalan Petaling and breaking all the laws there and your Deputy talling us that we should not take harsh actions . We should tolerate illegal immigrants.

What rubbish the Minsiter of FT is tralking? There msut be water int he head for Minsiter for FT. No country in the world will tolerate illegal immigrants esepfcoially when they are social menaces. They broke the law, terrorising the street of KL and the residential areas in KL.

If we cannot get rid of theillegal immigrants in our cities then we msut get rid of teh BN minister like Zulhasnan - Good for nothing!

Zulhasnan dengan Savaranan adalah Menteri dan Timbalan Pendatang Haram.
See, even people do imply that Zulhasnan is one greedy person, hence the title of $700 million man.

I always go to Petaling Street either on Wednesdays or Fridays for my dinner on the way back home via LRT and I can see too many illegal workers there. Now here's two scenes that I witnessed there sometime ago:

1. If you remember that last September I witnessed a group of citizens beat up a Bangladeshi man for attempting to steal some stuff at the flower shop. Then they chased him to the other side at Central Market and beat him again when the person stole a bottle of shampoo from a pharmacy nearby. Then they beat again when he tried to run again from Central Market.

2. Nearby the noodle store, a DVD peddler, an illegal immigrant from the speech and skin colors harassed a Sikh man for not turning down an offer to buy their DVDs after he examined it. He was about to try to go on top of the man and a heated exchange occured until he backed down because I was on that spot. I could be the witness of things in case police is around the corner.

The bottom line? Illegal immigrants in the problem.

In short from the main story, Saravanan should back his words up by trying to run the post of Mayor, maybe exchanging positions with Borhan for a week to proof that he's really meaning it.

I am quite convinced that DBKL is not efficient and there is still spaces that bread corruption which is still evident now. Yes, I do wish to see to see it clean up and if I am a person that was given a fine ticket by those bozos, then I ain't paying until I see them clean and sober.


  1. Here comes SA... SA... Dei tambi not SAMY VELLU lah ...but SARAVANAN ... the next MIC lamb going to the slaughter house in due course... Err.. BTW , where is aya ? Soluu tambi !

  2. Harris:

    Very very funny but the credit will have to go to the MaChAi paper and of course, yB Wee himself.

  3. Dei Saravanan you remember "TINGKAT" or not?
    You better start thinking hard cos your past is going to catch up with you man.

  4. In the first place why do we need to have a Ministry of Federal Territory? Does the presence of such ministry lessen the problems in the Federal Territory? Does it not overlapped with the functions that are entrusted to Dewan Bandaraya KL.

    Unless of course the absence of FT Ministry will cause greater inefficiency in the DBKL.

    Shouldn't the running of FT be run by DBKL, and it becomes more meaningful if the Mayor and other councilors are duly elected through a local council election. Isn't it high time that the local election be reintroduced in the country, so that those elected representatives will be responsible to the voters in the FT, and if they cannot perform, they will not be elected again.

    With the reintroduction of the local council election in particular to the FT, the Ministry of FT will ceased to exist. Can a framework be made for the return of local election in the FT.

  5. Had a good laugh reading this one. Malaysian politics is like Chuck Austen's wet dream. Wet, sloppy and ridiculous!

    Anyway, the new writers for Punisher MAX have been announced. Check out the news at CBR.

    ~ Edmund

  6. we should challenge saravanan to send his wife or daughter to petaling street and see whether she feels safe walking there alone.

    throw in zulhasnan's daughter as well..

  7. Alright...alright. Yes it's true that the minister post overlaps KL so the duty is redundant and there's extra step in bureaucracy since everything must go through Zulhasnan.

    You might want to check the updates on this case at yB Wee's posting. The Star was writing something intimidating: "Association Tells Wee Not to Interfere" sounds like as if there's a syndicate behind there.


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