Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Custard Pie Fight and Mobbing Mamu Zam

One year ago, I wrote a discovery of a Ms. Weasley and Mr. Rubeus Hagrid running out from the no man's land and hiding among us as ordinary men. Well, this time it's not about them but instead of a real naked truth that happened. Somehow, they were captured and brought back and I was paid the reward of $250 thousand galleons for their capture without kill.

I just came back quite late, about 15 minutes ago from a party with whip cream from pies still around my body. Just dashed into the bathroom to wash it of. I have to tell you something: it was supposedly to be a meeting a few friends when some idiots called the Monkeys (I saw someone and looks like it was Anis Hisham or some other guy). Some guy yelled at them,"Beruk-beruk jalanraya and started to throw a cream pie at Anis.

Someone throw the pie and I got hit right on the chest. But not in the face. Then the carnage began, everyone throw the pie across until when all the pies were thrown away, yuck, everyone was smeared by the cream. I really wanted to say Scrougify (a cleaning spell) but forgotten that this is no magical world.

While on the way to take my car, but avoiding the front side of the restaurant, I saw some policemen arriving at the scene, apparently someone tipped them off. The crowd started to swell at the front doors. And sooner I heard wild cheering and chanting that Monkey was caught. How on earth did he showed up there?

Then I knew what went wrong. It was Mamak Zam all along. In the afternoon, he and some delegates came over to the office, where I worked on. Everybody there knew of how pathetic Mamu Zam was particularly his kindergarten behavior in November. Seeing how my looks and craziness, he suspected that I was instigating and embarrassing him in front of everyone. I'm sure most of you know that I started writing in that kind of tone because I was pissed at him at this point of time last year. He must had someone followed me and then Mike Tyson deployed someone to come over to where I had my friends party and make noise there.


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