Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We Are Free of The Freaking Past, Goodness Sake!

It's just a guy taking up a job to run the development of Penang. That's all. There is nothing going wrong by just taking up the job.

Instead idiots politicize the issue for nothing by calling Lee Kah Choon as jumping from a BN ship to a DAP ship. I guess that they are blurred by the line of getting a job and joining a party. As because of this childish thing, he just quit all political posts, better than being a lap dog to Dollah Badawi. Did I mention that he flip-flopped again since the other time he said up to Lee to decide?

Just like work, it's taking up a work that will fit a person's career aspirations. If you think the offer is better and you take up fine, but at least the others will admit that they have failed you and furthermore they need to respect your decision.

In this case, respecting a decision is not there and they started to squabble like kids, chief of them is of course your racist friend Ali Rustam. Ali got slapped left and right last week and this week, we could see him getting smacked again and again even if he doesn't allow comments on his blog anymore. Just a point to ponder: if you don't really like him, why do you guys foolishly pick him at the elections?

We are just free of the freaking past! The time of sorting by race and party is gone.

The way BN squabbles is just no other than Gangs of New York fighting at every corner of the street, for what?

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