Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saravanan Running Around To Do The Rounds!

Sara, Sara, oh Saravanan!, you are made to sweat and do the rounds non-stop in that week itself.

See the record here speaks for yourself:

19 April:

21 April: Medan Damansara folks object to project

See also: 21 Apr: Wee Takes Saravanan to Task

April 25:

April 26: Stray Dogs Allegedly Poisoned

Our Tapper Tapah man Saravanan is made to do rounds dealing with issues in Kuala Lumpur. And in this time above, where the hell is Zulhasnan? Become Ali Baba and delegate the task to his MIC running dog deputy ah? I guess this could be a possibility why our friend went berserk at the MPs during that day.

There are still plenty of archive stuff as according to this google search.

Convinced? Then go and bash him if you have to.

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