Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hishamuddin Yunus On The Spotlight Again

You have heard the name Hishamuddin Yunus a few times. Among them...

1. Involved in the Rocky / Jeff Ooi case vs Kalimullah and The NSTP Gang.
2. Malik Hussein, ISA Detainee found abused by police and compensated $2.5 million.
3. ISA detainees released in 2001 without condition much to the chagrin of the government.

The latest news that hit the spotlight on the man is where Utusan, the UMNO paper entity was jointly slapped along with its ex-chief writer Datuk Johan Jaffar and another party $200K in damages against an ex-professor Fatimah Busu of USM for an defamation article written in 1997.

This piece is up on Berita Harian but a blackout of this is on Utusan because their reputation had taken a beating following the judgement delivered by the man himself. See this piece on Berita Harian.

The case has already been six years old, filed on March 1 2002 over the article written 5 years ago on March 2 1997.

Mob was wrote a posting that his name is well googled over in Malaysia. The poster above is from him with usual credits of course.

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