Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mr. Mahathir The Blogger !?

I was sitting for the afternoon session of BUM 2008 today when Rocky, who was presenting his speech at the talk told us that former PM, Mr. Mahathir had just kicked start his blog today. And yes, today is the launch of the blog.

The URL is here, the name would be since Mr. Mahathir's pen name is called Chedet. At this time of writing, the number of visitors is at 39350. An impressive account for the opening day of his blog.

During the talk at BUM, most of them reiterated of Abdullah Badawi's admission that BN's ignorance towards the cyber community and blogs was the main reason why they lost the cyber war and performed badly in the general elections. It was only through this realization that many BN politicians are starting to go into blogging.

On the other hand, Noh Omar has also started his own blog, Hati Malaya that can be read here.

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