Saturday, May 17, 2008

D-Day in Malaysia: June 6 2008?

Barisan Nasional MPs, particularly those from Sabah have been making noises in newspapers and in the Parliament throughout the week, claiming that they were not given much chances of active participation in the federal government and they have not given enough attention from the central.

Statements from Anifah Aman, Ghapur Salleh, who said of crossover and resurrection of a defunct party together with Yong Teck Lee's ultimatum to Kuala Lumpur has given enough hints for everyone to say there could be a change of government anytime before September 16.

D-Day June 6?

An interesting line from the piece by Raja Petra has said that UMNO could run out of power by June. Then suddenly something clicked into place. It's just a suggestion and something that occured to me that given the scenario above, a change of government might happen on the first week of June, specifically on the 6th

Why do I call it June 6? Do you remember in World War II, on the same day, June 6 1944, the Allies launched Operation Overlord to attack the Nazi Germany from the Normandy beaches. Normandy is the insertion point of the Allies from Southampton in England and this clears the way of attack led by Montgomery from the North while Patton invades from the south via Messina as entry point.

The scenario is very similar. If you think that Barisan Nasional is as like the Nazis, then Pakatan Rakyat will have to be the equivalence of the Allies. Since June 6 is a Friday and the first Saturday is the Agong's birthday, it will be one good time that when there is a change of government on the 6th, on the 7th, the new government goes to Istana Negara to celebrate the Agong's birthday.

It's just a thought I came out, but don't put too much trust on this. Intelligence report indicates that Pakatan Rakyat MPs could balloon to 125 since 43 have said yes to crossover, add a few more, assuming they win the election petition against fraud, counting together with Chegubard and Anwar winning Parliamentary seats, we can see a count of 130+ PR MPs soon.

On UMNO, they are in trouble. Another split is happening, the third cycle. If 1988 is the first, 1998 is the second since Anwar's sacking, then 2008 is where Pak Lah's camp is against Mahathir's camp. But who will benefit from the clash? It's the people and the opposition, frankly.

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