Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Feeding Bullshit To The People

Barisan Nasional is indeed pressing the panic button. They knew that their days of leading Malaysia could be over anytime soon. Either this week, or next week, as long it is before 16 September. And so they turned into playing their remaining cards in hand, most of them are race-face cards.

Samy Vellu, scorned by his fellow Indians followed suit of what Mr. Mahathir said by declaring that MIC is the sole representative of Indians. Indirectly he means that MIC protects the rights of Indians from other races and they are telling them that non-Indians are enemies to them.

Mr. Mahathir said back in Johor that the position of the Malays are threatened and if they do not do so, they will be 'extinct'. That is almost similar to what was uttered by ultra-nationalists back in 1969. The more 'threatening' variation to the statement is that if the Malays do not stand together or do something, the Chinese and the Indians will kill them. That's a lie to create the sense of fear in them. Biro Tatanegara also has this bullshit that tells the Malay people to 'fear the non-Malays'. For what? Being better than you? But then, the major difference at that time was that there was no Internet! So that's where they were fed the bullshit by UMNO. But then fast forward to 2008, there is not likely going to be a repeat because of Internet. UMNO is trying to feed bullshit to the people that the position of Malays are threatened. They have been going all around Malaysia to tell that such thing.

The Barisan Nasional are now monitoring of the timing of a crossover and the number of people going over. If the crossover happens, they will see how many Malay MPs including PR coalition vs the non-Malay MPs. If the non-Malay MPs are more than them, then they will start making noise and say that their rights have been threatened by the non-Malay MPs. That is bullshit to me. The one way for the crossover to happen successfully to the eyes of Malays is if there is at least 10 UMNO MPs crossing over from Peninsular Malaysia. And now, they are trying to do a snap poll. To prevent defections to the opposition, of course. But chances, there is no way for them to do a snap poll because they ran out of money since much of it was spent on the election campaign. Secondly, the King has the final say of either yes or no. If the King says no, then too bad, Dollah must resign.

Look what happened today from the pressing of the panic button when they nearly lost the $16 billion Supplementary bill since not many BN MPs turned up today. Everyone wants to see how BN's demise looks like and right now, they will do anything, especially feeding the bullshit.

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