Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In This Time of Problem, You Need Either Michael Moore, Mr. Payback or a Leftist

I was watching CNN while going for my gym exercise a few hours ago and saw news on CNN that UK lorry drivers are preparing to protest over high fuel prices ($10 USD per gallon for diesel) and demanded Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his government to act. Likewise, fishermen from Portugal and Belgium are prepared to start a protest over the fuel that they have to pay per barrel. On the other hand, Sarkozy is suggesting to the EU to implement a tax cap limit since nations are getting a lot of tax money from every liter of oil paid.

Yes, in Europe, prices are higher and a big portion of it is including of taxes that you pay to the government. This was far in contrast of Venenzuela were people paid only 12 cents per gallon.

The OPEC cartel is actually right. The supply is adequate but the real fault of price hikes was due to speculators who are desperately cashing into this with the weak dollar. Last week, the US Congress grilled the Oil 5 people claiming that while they reaped the profits they did not help the public in their burden. I guess this is a solid proof where Fukuyama is made to eat his own words. Remember that he famously proclaimed that communism is dead. The thing is communism is not dead and it is taking another form that we shall see soon.

If there is a mass protest over petrol prices, perhaps you might need Mr. Payback. I remembered reading those Punisher comics, where the famous novel, Welcome Back Frank featured a copy-cat vigilante named Mr. Payback. Mr. Payback is obviously a reflection of famed leftist Michael Moore, a favorite hater of George Bush but put in overdrive. Remember the movie Falling Down starring Michael Douglas? That's another example of Mr. Payback movies, the belittle attempt a little man to take down the capitalist swine who enjoys profits from whatever they had.

Here's a great dialog line from Mr. Payback:
Payback for the misery you've caused! Payback for the communities you've destroyed. Worldwide Investment Corporation - the great and the good! A finger in every pie! Millions of dollars pass through your hands each day! Millions of gallons of blood are splashing on those same hands!

You invested in Larson Aircraft Corp. Built airliners with substandard engines. Losing a lawsuit would be cheaper than refitting the planes, you figured. 275 people died when Flight L-901 piled into the mountain - but you didn't care. You were wrong about the lawsuit. Closed down the factory in Fairville, Kentucky. Cost 3000 people their jobs. Fairville became a crime-ridden scum -- but you didn't care.

You set up a new factory in Taiwan. Your workers pay and safety standards are some of the lowest on the planet. You colluded with local authorities to combat unrest in the workforce. Over a hundred of union organizers were killed by police death squads -- but you didn't care.

You people are criminal scum! You sit here in your fancy boardroom with your thousand dollar suits on and you think your hands are clean -- but you are wrong! You are lower than the filthiest hood on the street! You are guilty! And now it's time for PAYBACK!
Gee, if Michael Moore said that, then every capitalist swine will sure come after him. But yes, the statement is coming back in reality to the current situation that we're facing now. But then, Mr. Payback killed some idiots who claimed that he talks bullshit and they were punished for their insolence. If you are a leftist, yes, the blood is now on the hands of rogue traders and speculators and you would really wish to give them a lesson they will not forget. That's just the precursor to the world financial crisis and the riots triggered by economic crisis. Perhaps it could also be the trigger for the 7-year Tribulation as what the Book of Revelations is all about?

America is about going to fall, but the question of when is circulating around. Since most oil is traded in dollars, nations would moving to trade in the alternative Euros if the price gets unbearable. When all nations trade petrol in Euros, bye-bye USA. Their money is just paper only.

Singapore has kick start in combating inflation by saying that they would really want the currency to appreciate against the dollar (currently at 1.36) to reduce the import rates. But what about Malaysia? Instead it has dropped to $3.24 and Dollah Badawi (read Dollah Kata Sekali Lagi - Ubah Gaya Hidup Anda) has bullshitted the US Treasury and experts report that ringgit is undervalued. It is true but he's not listening.

Now back to the point. If Mr. Payback is real, he's going to shoot the daylight robbers like Arnold did against the cops! (read: Shoot the Speculators!)

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