Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The UMNO Post-Resignation Cliffhanger

The events surrounding Malaysian politics becomes like a soap opera following Mr. Mahathir's resignation from UMNO on Monday, then followed by his oldest son Mokhzani (BTW, my mother's boss) today, while younger brother Mukhriz decides to stay within the party.

There will be an UMNO Supreme Council meeting later on and everyone is waiting in bated breath of what comes next of UMNO later on. Of course, if things get too hard, Mike Tyson Taib, being the party information head will attempt to spin things around for the media to take down. Of course he has the backing of the 4th floor boys.

When all the UMNO MPs said that they will stick to Dollah Badawi today, it means that they could be sinking together later on. Do you remember how foolish Tarkin decides to stay in the Death Star with the loyalists while some bailed out? Tarkin thought he could destroy Yavin 4 with the weapon but in the end, the Death Star blew up with those idiots in it thanks to a well placed shot into the core exhaust. UMNO is rotten and beyond repair, as what the Tun said, and yes, time to jump. If you are with Dollah Badawi who knows nothing...perhaps we could see the end of UMNO.

Mukhriz expendable? When Mukhriz decides to stay inside UMNO, some may think he's foolish and he's bound to get the heat from every quarter including Kerisman but there is a blessing of staying inside, although the risk is high. With Mukhriz in place, Mr. Mahathir can at least know what is happening inside UMNO through him and will decide what are the next moves he can do to oust Dollah Badawi. But it is a risk and if Mukhriz gets the kick and dust, Mahathir might not be able to judge things to help him do the next moves.

If the three choices are Najib, Muhiyiddin and Ku Li, Mahathir would want Najib over the two men. Let's say if Abdullah is out, as Mahathir wanted, there will be a three corner between the men, which means UMNO is split into another three camps. If Abdullah is not out, Ku Li and Muhiyiddin will have to team up and play tag match against Dollah and Najib.

Now, on to the meeting later on. The main agenda is addressing the fallout of Mahathir's resignation. Tengku Adnan, Mahathir's associate is considering to quit. If he quits, then it could be a gunfight / tag match. Or there could be a surprise and Najib will suddenly say 'motion of no-confidence' against Dollah - or turned against him. But Najib might not be able to do so since there is word that Dollah has a leverage on him over the Altantuya factor.

For now, we just wait and see how the cliffhanger at Wisma UMNO will play out.

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