Saturday, May 31, 2008

Police: We're Are Always Right And....

we can do things that you people are not qualified for...but at what price? In the last few days, the police are accused by the people for doing double standards. Take an instance where Haris was taken to the police station but later found that he was not arrested but got harassed. When UMNO Penang went crazy following the loss of the state to the opposition, what did the police do? Nothing, they just leave them to their own devices but if the case is the other way round, the police would swarm Komtar complex and catch the dissidents there.

Good God, I was horrified to see that a guy got beaten by the FRU (a sub of the police) for doing nothing. He was just an expendable bystander who got mistaken by the FRU as an anarchist and was beaten up for nothing. The next day, this Chor fella said that it was not the police's fault. Syed Hamid was calling anyone to come out and provide proof that the police did not do anything. Just a question: how come there's no police controlling another police from an out-of-the-book procedure? The blue-uniform guys could have stopped it but they can't stop another more armed officer whereas they can easily stop a normal citizen for having an opposing view or dissent?

(scratches head..)

That would be a wrong statement that is to be mentioned and a wrong footing to move with, Mr. Chor! Perhaps you should be issuing the compensation to the guy from your own pocket, you smart aleck!

Anyhow, later in the afternoon the Star paper reported that the planned walk was scrapped in favor of going straight to the NPC club this Sunday. Police kata tak boleh jalan ke? I thought, there's something not right with the police. Definition of that and that is no longer recognized by them. All those who are participating in the possible walk, if planned are professionals, not stupid idiots like you cops have no brains! It could be that there are some officers do not know that higher-ranking officers might be affiliated to political parties and were ordered to do so or face the sack...maybe. I remembered RPK said that those go against the people walking the corridors of power risks being transferred elsewhere.

I actually stumbled upon a page on the essay by David Icke on his book called 'Tales of The Time Loop' in which certain governments like USA and Malaysia as well as Myanmar perceived those who do not agree or object to certain government policies and go dissent are deemed as 'extremists and anarchists.' So this could explain why the police go very brutal on normal citizens who dissent against government points despite having a clear-cut reason of doing so!

Here's a bet to the police: I bet that this Sunday, there is not going to be any incidents where it happened in Batu Buruk by stopping by Merdeka Square first before going to NPC. If I win, you pay $2000, excuse, better than that, the police should compensate that bloke whom you whacked at BMC!

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