Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dollah: Ubah Gaya Hidup

If you remember back during the pre-general election period, you could have seen this video shot by the Youth 4 Change NGO.

The video title indeed mirrors what Dollah Badawi was saying yesterday:

From Bernama:

Consumers must change their lifestyle by being prudent and spending within their means at a time when the world is facing food supply shortage, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Monday.

The prime minister advised them to avoid food wastage, especially when hosting feasts, serving guests with excessive food.

They should also play a role to help law enforcers to monitor prices of goods, he said.

The public should report to enforcement agencies if they had information on smuggling, hoarding and cheating of prices, he said when addressing staff of the Prime Minister's Department at the monthly assembly.

Abdullah said people having land are encouraged to plant vegetables and fruits.

Abdullah said these efforts may be seen as trivial but it would have a major positive impact if all consumers changed their lifestyle.

He said the government had taken appropriate measures to mitigate the food supply shortage problem by making available a RM4 billion allocation to ensure adequate food supply for the people.

The allocation had already been given to the ministry and the department concerned to help boost the nation's food production, said Abdullah, who is also Finance Minister.

The government had also set up a rice stockpile while a bigger stockpile to meet the food demand is being initiated, he said.

"Though prices of goods in the country have gone up but they are still relatively low when compared to prices in neighbouring countries and this had resulted in smuggling," he said.

He described food smugglers as the "people's traitors" for indulging in such activities when "our own people are facing food supply shortage."

Ah...have you forgotten that middlemen too are responsible for this? Profiteering. Changing lifestyle, as if Dollah was claiming has to be involving you politicians too, not just the normal folk! See what they tried to tell you, you vote for Barisan Nasional you get this....! Bodoh!

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  1. kita juga punya nih artikel mengenai 'Gaya Hidup', silahkan

    dikunjungi dan dibaca , berikut linknya
    semoga bermanfaat


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