Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rocky on TV1's BLOG

Fellow blogger Rocky is the guest of this week's edition of TV1's BLOG. Last week was Datuk Ruhanie 'Ron' Ahmad of Kuda Kepang.

In this episode, Rocky highlighted four main issues that were discussed on the show. The first quarter discusses about the current blog situation in Malaysia and the influence of social-political issues in the Malaysian society. The next part discusses of possible political alignment of certain blogs, e.g BigDog's.

The third issue was discussing on Rocky's decision of not allowing Anonymous comments in his blog anymore, something to reduce confusion when reading whose comment is that and etc. Finally, the last part discusses about All-Blogs which was setup in light of the lawsuit by NSTP against him and Jeff Ooi.

Somehow, close to 60 percent on the SMS survey believed that so-po blogs are given much freedom in Malaysia and still it's 20 minute time limit content makes it difficult to go through things that should be discussed and more time for info. Hence, if RTM is serious in this bloggers case, they might want to try to expand it by another 10 minutes.

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