Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jump Ship - BN: 123, PR: 99 by Wednesday.

News portal Agenda Daily has reported that the first sign of MPs 'Jump Ship' will happen this Wednesday, May 14. The first sign shows that 17 MPs, mostly from Sabah will officially go to Pakatan Rakyat, most likely by an announcement.

Sabah has been complaining that their MPs are not given much opportunities as well as the economic management by the federal government. The state has been expressing their desire of self-management, or in other words, their own sub-camp. Among the demands in order to handle their sub-camp in the form of formation of USNO (united sabah), 20 percent oil royalty and some of their own agendas, in which Anwar Ibrahim has agreed to, particularly to the latter.

The first hint of 'jump ship' was mentioned last week by Anifah Aman, CM Musa Aman's brother which he said that of 'acceptance of political crossovers'. Anifah has repeatedly called for the review of oil royalty and has famously decline a deputy ministerial post.

Should this speculation is true on that day, it will add more blows to Barisan Nasional who is under fire for the March 8 disaster and of course from other things including a law suit over the death of NS trainee, the Lingam report, police brutality over protests, etc..

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